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Hello from Maratea!  I am sorry, no pictures are available to me, because I am using a Yahoo connection from an Internet point...these points are few and far between, because I am enjoying the sun and the pebble beaches.  Yesterday, we did a hike up the cliffs and then a sea swim...you will have to use your imagination to see it! Recipe for the day:  from Gianvanni Luguerdo

Buy fresh pasta, we used fresh ravioli stuffed with Ricotta cheese.  Melt 1 tsp butter per person inheavy skillet. Add chopped fresh sage leaves, cooking util tender.  Add to freshly cooked pasta, adding parmasean cheese liberally, as well. Enjoy!

Maratea has lots to offer, and it is a hot climate this time of year. It is about 3 hours south of Naples, if you want to see on a map. So hot that without shoes on the pebbles, we burn our tender white feet easily. Roberta and Giovanni are gracious hosts, who have lent us an apartment and a car!  We are feeling the generosity of the land and gratitude is a common feeling.

The sea is very salty, although swimming along the coast there are springs of fresh cold water, to surprise us!  There is not much aquatic sea life, because of the rocky, jagged coast.  The environment is conducive to naps in the afternoon during the heat, and late meals...so timing is very different. Out bodies are just now getting used to this rhythm which is so natural for the people here.

I am finding the Italian lanugage flows much more easily out of my mouth as time goes on, and with spending so much time with friends, that will teach us as we go along.

Off for more explorations, and a gelato!  Ciao!