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I am amazed with the amount of time I am spending being creative around marketing these days! I consider myself a creative person, so it is not hard for me to come up with lots of ideas...these sudden bursts of creativity are good for business, and it feels like when I am not marketing, the business slows down. When I am marketing, the clientele builds, and I slack off on the marketing, then the numbers fall and I am back at it! I am grateful for this dillemma, I could be worrying about feeding my kids, or healing from an injury and missing work. Fortunately I have created a space for me to have all my needs met, and now to meet others needs, I have to sell myself. Yes, sell myself. This has been a difficult point to transcend for me. I am sure most of us have had to get over this hump when we own our own business. Putting myself out there is a continual challenge, as my audiences grow bigger and more diverse, so must I. There are many tools to use, many resources. Time is the piece that may become an issue. On slow days, I can spend all day doing projects and pieces of work here at my computer. I also want and need to get out and meet people, like at the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet last Saturday, or the monthly Friday networking meeting. I have a goal of networking monthly, and I am going beyond that goal. I know what really sells my particular gifts are me, being passionate about what I do. I have something different to offer: the Trager Approach, helping my peers market themselves and the Trager Approach, building communities, cultural change ; and most recently, something new: writing articles about the relationhip between health, business and organizational growth. With a personal vision of being of the greatest service to the greatest amount of people, I have found myself resting within the arms of Trager International. Our goal is to "create peace in the world, one person at a time" a quote from Milton Trager MD, who developed this work. I realize now my work has expanded recently to reach even more persons as I teach small groups that are getting larger, empowering others to do what I am doing! This new twist is still a surprise to me. I guess it is true "we teach best what we need most to learn". What do you need most to learn? Are you willing to follow your heart, and let your business goals move as the energy does? Create your own personal vision if you do not have one, and enjoy the process! Judy