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Marsupial Movement

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a real tail coming off your tailbone? Last week, a client and I played with this idea, and we actually "became" kangaroos...our imaginations took us to a place of balance, sitting on our tail, helped to realign our spine, and provided support without effort. Further ruminations allowed us to notice the pocket that marsupials have, and the little ones that grow to maturity within this pocket. My client, Bashka was inspired to write the following and I pass it along to you with permission: and i dreamed about kangaroos and their little joeys i even made friends with one so i could find out what it was like inside that little pocket and would you believe there really were stars in it and confetti of all colors it seems Joeys love to play with the stars they are not sharp of course but ping anyhow and are bright so they are never in darkness if they don't wish to be they can turn the stars off and go to sleep at will.