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Mestre and Spinea

Staying put for a few days, with friends in Spinea.  Mestre is near by, with the train station, and my friends Trager office.  Trager's popularity here mirrors what is happening in the states, although a bit worse.  To practice, you must either have a 3 year Esthetician certificate or a 5 year Physio-therapist license.  This is a National law.  FYI in the states, this is governed at the National, State and local levels, and regulations vary tremendously.  Most of us operate on good faith, that we won't be put in jail for educating people about being well through movement.  I joked with a couple practitioners last night about taking Trager to the prisons, through our own incarceration! Something holds up the energy for our work though.  Not sure what it is, I just know wherever in the world I go, the Practitioners are committed to keeping this organization alive, so we can expand the consciousness of our world, and our selves!

An open house at the Mestre office last evening pulled together about 25 friends/clients and Trager practitioners.  Some could speak English, so I enjoyed meeting new folks and connecting with old ones.  It was a fun casual event, to promote the new office space, and offer a gathering place.

I slipped out before it got started with a friend from Verona, that knew some inexpensive stores in the area. I have not brought enough warm clothes, and do not want to leave for Austria without a couple items.  The Chinese have the market on low cost clothing here, and the articles are acutally quite nice.  I bought a pair of jeans for 8 Euro, and a long-sleeved top for 5.  These stores are off the main drag of course, where similar items start about 65E. 

I am missing the daily swim in the South, and heading out now for a walk with Roberto.  Resting most of today, then off to Austria, by car tomorrow.  The scenery should be beautiful! 

Ciao for now!  J