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Even the word stirs emotion...what was your immediate reaction to the title of this piece? Was it interest? Dismay? Curiosity? Frustration? Joy? Gratitude? In Jerold Mundis "Making Peace with Money" I was reminded that money is not real. It is an idea, a symbol. When we no longer think of it as a symbol, it ceases to be money.

It may be helpful to take into consideration that once upon a time, we all lived without it. As population increased, we were forced to develop the system we have now, an exchange of energy as diverse as the many cultures/peoples that exist on this planet.

From the beginning, money was associated with the Gods and Goddesses, giving it a spiritual significance... Later the coins included heads of states and Kings and Queens, linking the secular powers to the divine. "In God We Trust" is still on our coins today. Perhaps today for this moment, we can remember to associate a sacredness, or gratitude for what we have to give and what we are to receive whenever money is involved.

Even the word MONEY comes from the Roman goddess Moneta in whose temples the coins were minted to be used in the Roman empire and other parts of the world at that time. (PLease read the book mentioned above for more insight about the history of money in Chapter 5).

Being in a state of gratitude goes a long way toward creating abundance in our lives and our businesses. When I am feeling a sense of lack of anything, I begin to slip into the depression era thinking of my family of "not having enough". To turn this off, I must replace that feeling of lack with a feeling of abundance. I can choose to look around in this moment and see that I have plenty! I have friends, a bed to sleep in, a thriving business, a family that loves me, a full belly, or at least know where my next meal will come from. I can rest in the fact that I have provided well for myself.

Gratitude is the feeling that has moved me into success. Success also demands responsibility. Personally, when I manifest greater abundance I know in the long run, it is not just for me, but for all those I touch in so many ways. Even the unborn, and those who have already left us, for the past and the present, the Earth and all her inhabitants. Ahhh, that feels good. Now I feel like I belong, and I am ready to use my abundance for the good of all beings. I am ready to receive.

I invite you to find a way to connect with the sacredness of your money making. Here are two statements that have worked for me, when I begin to go into an old pattern of lack. "There is plenty of time, money and love in the world". " I now have plenty of time, money and love". Say it as often as necessary, and make it so! If you can imagine it, you can have it! Enjoy! Judy