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Morning Warm Up Exercises in BED?

Freedom of movement comes from moving...when we sit too much we stiffen, even sleeping long and hard, our bodies can stiffen, and need some gently warming as we wake. Take about 10 minutes every morning to enjoy waking in a new way. I got this idea from my cousin in California, Marilyn, (Thanks Marilyn!) and adapted to my own needs. Every day is different. You can modify any way you like!

HMMM....waking up, I see the light of sunrise...before I open my eyes, I take a moment to recall any dreams...I may take some time with this...especially if there is a good one. I may even jot down a line or two and come back to it later...then I slowly open my eyes, yawn a couple times to open my jaw....then, curl up into a little ball, unfold and curl up again as I naturally stretch....

While I consciously check in with my body, nothing really is speaking. Ok, I am warm and toasty,and I would like to stay here all day, but I can't, sooo....(you can do most of this as you are reading!) If sometimng is speaking , I start there...

Head to toes MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARoll your head from side to side, nod yes, draw circles with your chin. Remove your head from the pillow and repeat... Shoulders and arms...find your hands, let them float our from under the covers, lift toward ceiling and drop. Wrist circles and elbow circles... Belly/Chest...better known as Chelly! Notice your breath. Notice your breath moving your ribs. Notice your ribs moving your belly. Notice how everything is attached to this movement. Breathe slowly, then quickly. Legs/feet...pick up knee and drop, 1 inch and higher each time. Feel the reverberation as you drop. Circles with your feet, your ankles, your knees....

Now you may be ready to sit up! Roll over, exhale as your feet hit the floor. Stand slowly. Walk to the bathroom with lightness and freedom. If you have pain, GO SLOWLY! Take your time, and ask yourself this very important question: "How could this be easier and more free without pain?" You will find the answer if you listen.

You can try this anytime, not just in the morning...how about lying on the floor and taking a break right now? Or a hammock in Sicily?