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No Worries

Is your head often filled with worrisome thoughts? I can tell you what happens to the head and neck physically when it is. Your neck feels like it weighs a ton, and your neck muscles have to work harder to hold it up! What could be lighter? Take a pause with me...If you are sitting up reading this, imagine you have a head that is filled with helium...it is in the shape of your favorite cartoon character..(mickey mouse?) and your spine is the string. Allow your head to float toward the ceiling, giving your spine length and ease as you are sitting. Keep this feeling alive as you get up and move around the room. Feel all tension melt away.

As you replaced the worries with this image, where did they go? They definately will not stay present if you are creating images. We cannot hold two thoughts simultaneously at the same time (that is different that multi-tasking). Your head will become lighter, and your neck tension will ease, your shoulders now can move more freely. You can try this lying down also, or while waiting at a red light or standing in line.

Worry takes effort and effort is wasted or meaningless until it is directed in the way we want it to go. Does worrying cause you to be tired? Now you know why. Spend you energy doing what you love to do.