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Nurtrition(tm): Aging Gracefully

I woke up this morning tired and  inspired by my hike at Cantwell Cliffs yesterday in Hocking Hills. A bit of a challenge because of all the ancient trees that has been strewn across the paths. In my search to find the old trail, I found myself scaling down the side of a dry waterfall, and through some stinging nettles. The power of the wind was magnificent to see and another saving grace was a small waterfall that I could soak in  to take the sting out of my legs. cape-cod-berkshires-2012-018

I wonder about my own bodies aging process. I feel more flexible and alive than I did 15 years ago. All my attempts to improve are working...better nutritive content by increasing raw foods in my diet, regular exercise in the form of swimming daily and interspersed meditative practices, the ability to have family and community interactions that are healthy...the list continues.  Happiness now comes more naturally.  My body is happy, I am happy!  Keeping this trend going is the challenge.  What about the aging process?  Here is some info from the web:

"America has a rapidly aging population... In absolute numbers, there are now about 12 million over the age of 80; a doubling since 1957. Older people run the full gamut from the very healthy, to those with a few health issues, to those with multiple problems to the very frail. Frail individuals have a high risk for poor outcomes of any illness, slower recovery and heightened mortality. So the agenda, of course, is to stay as healthy as possible throughout your later years."           

Stephen Schimpff,  M.D., Integrative Medicine Specialist.

What can I  do to prevent illness? I think in terms of how I spend my time...doing things I love to do, and being with people and activities that make me happiest.  Work that feeds me financially and spiritually.  This is the way I nurture myself.  The answer is that I can do a lot to age gracefully in order to fully live!  It is never too late to get started. The sooner the better!

Watch for more information on Nurtrition(tm) and aging gracefully on my website.  If you need a boost getting started, as an Integrative Nurse Coach, I would be happy to help you develop a Nurtrition(tm) plan for you to age gracefully, at any age.