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On My Way!

Bella!! I am sitting at the Columbus airport, waiting for first leg flight of my journey to Europe...so mayn preparations which started a couple years ago with my last visit to Italy!  I return for a longer period and more explorations into the Southern Tier, Basilicata...beautiful, wild and hot southern Italy....It really captured my heart and I felt most at home there, and this chant came to me:

Holy Mary, Daughter of the moon, thank you for the vision of the Sun; Holy Mary, owner of the womb, thank you for the vision of the Son.  From the blood of the Mother comes the wisdom of the son; and the tides of the waters they tell us we are one....

So many time in the past 2 years I have sung this with others, and the harmonies blend beautifully as we all do, when there is connection of breath and life.

I trust you will let me know if you would rather not receive my musings as I travel. I am committed to writing daily, however, I cannot know how the internet access will be.  There is a place on the blog now where you can sign up to receive this, and I look forward to checking in with you.  Please respond if you feel moved to do so!

Ciao, Ciao