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Phoenix Rising

Along with the beauty and energy of an early spring, are my mixed feelings about the global changes in the weather patterns I read about.   With predicted temperatures in the 90's for this end of May weekend in Ohio,  it is at times difficult for me not to be concerned about the planet, and about the people on the planet.  What can I do to change my own footprint?  How does being lighter, freer and easier in my body/mind help? In a  National Geographic Magazine issued in January 2011, I recently read an article about the Pheonix Islands in the Central Pacific returning to health after an increase of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit destroyed coral reefs to an extent never seen before.  Ten years later, the fish are returning. Even with a temperature rise of that magnitude, regeneration returns as we choose to let go of destructive patterns.  Thanks to the work of one scientist, Gregory S. Stone.   In this case, the fishing industry was stopped by providing monetary support to the local government to replace the lost income.  Luckily, there are organizations that raise funds for this purpose, like Conservation International and their Global Conservation Fund to the tune of 25 million dollar endowment.

On one hand, I feel my sensitivity to current issues increasing because I let go of old patterns.  I have little interest in the past.  Being aware of all the issues of the day creates more discomfort at first.   Utilizing Mentastics®, and the Trager® Approach on a daily basis, for myself , I make room for what is needed now.  I drop into my feelings, and release them with movement.   Am I more conscious of what is happening around me, so that I feel the responsibility of some kind of action...? ?  Yes, I want to do my part, but I am not sure how to be helpful.

Pausing, I wait for that impulse to act.   Just as in waiting for the impulse to move when I am waking up in the morning. Part of me wants to rest more, the comfort of the bed, the warmth of the sheets, the softness of the pillow.    Hmmm... to stay in that cocoon a little longer.  But my body/mind/spirit wants movement!  Get up, get going! So much to do to be today, for myself, for others.  The impulse to move takes over and I slowly rise like the Phoenix Islands out of the ashes, reborn into today, into this moment, new growth occurring all around me.

Being lighter, freer and easier in my mind allows me to be present.  I am aware of all the changes happening around me...I age, the Earth heats up.  And also, I have a relationship, family, flowers and vegetables to nurture, Trager  clients to assist, home care clients to watch over and advocate for.   A body of water to protect that I live near.  I have energy for all these things as I rise to the day.

I am ready to respond, I will do what I can, when the need is near.