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Power Surges

Yes, another name for Hot Flashes ...  thankfully,  for me, there is minimal discomfort.  Here is my current remedy: freshy raspberry leaf tea, lots of cinnamon, on toast and in cooking rice, veggies everything...added to curry it is really refreshing...staying grateful for my health in those moments helps also...these are natural occurences at the end of childbearing years...and gratitude for my children's health!  Getting healthier all the time...not to mention my 4 grandchildren!  Wow Ihave 4 grandchildren at 54??? See if you can keep up with me! I am going at an amazing pace! I got up at 4 am today!

  • Teaching at a nursing school in a clinical setting 2-4 days a week
  • Planning Tager intros and workshops  in West Va and Ohio (3 yet in 09)
  • 3-5 Trager sessions a week
  • Learning to make Pots and Sculptures...
  • leaning Mandolin
  • Assisting  Level 4 and Level 1 coming up here
  • Sailing on Sundays, competing at local reservoir with boyfriend
  • boyfriend  :>)  In 2006, the psychic I saw on Brighton Beach, England was right on about the timing and quality of this new relationship!!!  I am extremely happy!
  • 4 growing grandkids
  • family gathering on Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie in Aug
  • Cape Cod for 10 days later in Aug
  • Europe Sept 23-Oct 30 (staying with Adele in Florence, teaching another wisdom circle at her place, then to Zurich for the TES and visiting my sister.
  • Curriculum comm USTA
  • Foundation Committee USTA
  • TC for another year
  • Alternatives Plus Home Care (read in newsletter)

Life is full and exciting! My Health is good, I am loved, well fed, swimming, trading a lot with Trager and other disciplines......it doesn't get any better than this!  HOW ARE YOU???? Let me know!

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