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Pregnancy: Trager® for Comfort and Self Care

Pregnancy-shots-003If you are pregnant, or know someone who is, and are wondering about getting a Trager or any bodywork session, here are some tips I give to Practitioners on the topic.  I spent about 3 years developing a protocol for myself and marketed to this population, and I really enjoyed bringing relief to many pregnant women.  Sciatic nerve compression is especially an issue during later trimesters, so Trager is a gentle way to create space lying, sitting or standing.  Here are some tips for Practitioners:

Moms: be sure you ask your practitioner if they have been in the field practicing for a while, just to be safe.

 Here is what I learned as I was developing my work with pregnant moms...as general protocol:

The sides of both heels are reflexologys for the uterus, and can be touchy, especially in first and 3rd trimester. The feet do need caressing, they are holding so much more weight!

Positioning: Most women are more comfortable on their side, the larger they are, so this is just based on comfort.  Ask what their preference is.   Low back issues are paramount in this population and doing mentastics for back positioning when sitting and standing can be helpful...so if getting on and off the table is an issue, you can certainly give a session seated after doing some postural awareness.

The belly will rock from any other place in the body, so hands rocking directly on the belly are not needed, and may be uncomfortable.  Sculpting and lifting may be very nice to take the weight off the organs underneath.  When standing doing Mentastics, stand behind mama and gently lift the belly as you walk together, teaching her how to do the same. It feels great!

There is not much about Trager and Pregnancy written, but tons of info from the massage community. You can google massaging a pregnant woman and read a couple journal sources of good repute to enhance your learning.

Pregnancy-shots-023Remember to connect with both the Baby and the Mom in your mind and intention (inwardly and/or outwardly) and this will give you and the client a sense of security about the session. I drew on my own experiences as a pregnant mom, and often wished I had Trager in my life then!

Baby love, my baby love...(remember Diana Ross and the Supremes?)