Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care


IMG_86151I wonder..... If we continue to hold back our feelings, not say what needs to be said...

If we do this long enough, enough years, decades...hiding out

From ourselves , and others...

What is the toll?

Is this the cause of dementia? Creating our own safe world inside, where no one can reach us?

Is this learned or genetic? Is this the cause of disease? Dis-ease, the absence of ease or vibrant health?

I wonder.....what causes so much fear that we hide from other, and turn inward to the safety of our self...it is not even important to know what it is, just find a way to let it go, and let ease in.

Gentle Touch and Awareness with the Trager® Approach creates safety in our outer world. It creates an opening, a supportive space to release and take in pleasurable experiences and new feelings.  Increased range is not just in the mobility of the body, the range of an arm or hip...it is directly connected to the range of our ability to express ourselves through our life experiences.