Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

Rainy Day Indoors...

Need to keep moving, even though it's gray and wet  out? familysicily-and-videos-of-Jim-073Put on music and:

  • sway away to the rhythm, helps with balance!
  • twist and shout to your favorite song!
  • runba, salsa, mambo with your favorite latin groove and
  • shimmy shake until you tingle!

Even if you are in a chair, movement is possible!

Or go on out anyway, with a raincoat and umbrella...the Native People used to live outside year round! A little rain won't hurt ya...smell the fragrance of wet ground...moist, verdant and GREEN!


What does green smell like?


Take a pause and feel the effect...increased circulation, relaxation and peace!