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Raw Foods Exploration

I recently have been reading about the wonders of raw foods...and have been further educated about the foods that are available to us in the groceries by a film entitled "King KORN". Very sad to find out, most Americans have 95% corn derivatives in their hair analysis: corn syrup, corn oil, corn meal...beef and chicken that is corn fed..and farmed raised fish as well! it is in almost every processed food that is created. Corn is a product, not a food source. Shockingly, the corn grown in most of the fields in Ohio is genetically modified, and watered with ammonia to help it grow. (Incidentally, the hamburger patties in most fast and slow restaurants are treated with ammonia to keep bacteria count down!)This is how we get a 200 bushel per acre yield, compared to 80-100 bushel yield of corn that is edible. Have you ever wandered into a corn field and took a bit? YUK.

Another sad piece of information that came to light in the sequel following King Korn, entitled Big River...took us on a tour of the watersheds from the farm in Iowa growing the corn, and all it's runoff, to the gulf of Mexico via 2 guys in a canoe. The discovered a "dead zone" int he gulf, that doesn't produce anything, due to the pesticides and herbicides that is washed out of the soil by rain. Yes, alarming to the local fisherman who are no in conversation with the farmers in the North.

As a health practitioner, I am concerned for myself, my children and especially my grandchildren! How to re-educate the body properly through movement integrative techniques and approaches like Trager, when we are filling ourselves with KORN!

I am fortunate to live in a community that is richly supplied with local foods, when in season, and farmers markets galore. I also put out a backyard garden every spring, and I know what I am eating...and usually where it comes from. Even backpacking last weekend (aside from the disgusting Subway stop) we ate well with foods packed from home.

The www.clintonvillecommunitymarket has a variety of local fresh produce, and values that support my own. I own part of the store with my membership, and enjoy being a part of it.

So back to raw foods...I am not a fundamentalist at heart, so I have agreed with myself to lean toward 75% of my diet to be raw. This has been easier that I thought. I have been doing so for over a week, dropped a few pounds without going hungry, and started a support group of sorts...once a month raw food meal with friends...I will keep you posted. Here are recipes I have tried from others and made up myself! so easy! Let me hear from you...you don't have to go raw, just a bit more conscious of what you are eating will make great changes in the way you feel!

Zucchini Surprise from Valerie

3 shredded zucchini 2 red apples cut in small pieces 1 avocado cut in small slices cumin to taste

Lettuce or Sushi stuffing from Judy 2 heaping tbsp of Tahini 1 tsp of soy sauce (I use Shoyu) 1 cup coarsley chopped brocolli 2 cloves garlic chopped fine

Spread on Nori and cut into sushi bites, or fill fresh lettuce leaves

Judy's Sauce for dipping : 2 tbsp miso 1 tbsp tahini 5 dried figs 1 cup water

This sauce can be used on any vegetable mix as an entree, or slice fresh veggies, including turnips! and dip!