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FREE WORKSHOP SERIES: Rejuvenate your Relationship! Please read this update for content change!

It's time to sign up, and now it's free!  These 4 workshops will be offered free and held at the Hidden Lakes Condo Clubhouse where I live.  I love the space and teaching this material. Now there is no reason not to come and spend the day, spreading the love between yo and that special person in your life.  If you are single, come anyway, and we will have partners from from the singles in the group. This is going to be FUN!


Trager for Partners: Rejuvenate your Relationship!

Hi Friends...

I have created a series of 4 Saturday classes. over 4 weekends, every other Saturday each beginning March 29, 2014 which will help you and your partner reconnect at a deeper, more intimate level, and give each participant many ways to reconnect your caring for each other through dialog, non-sexual touch and movement that you will find both fun and freeing.

This series of classes may be just what the Dr. ordered,  if you and your partner are missing each other and want to deepen your connection.  Would you like to help yourself and your partner age gracefully? Touch is a healing balm, even more so without oils, the research tells us.  Touch increases circulation, improves immune function and enlivens our sense of well being.  Touch is a rare commodity in our fast paced world. Many of us want to be held and touched and massaged, and do not quite know how to ask for it, or plan our lives around it.  As we age, we get tired, and honestly, touching each other is the last thing we should let go of, yet it is often put on the back burner!  Exhaustion and stress lead to isolation, resentment and loneliness.  Have you ever felt this in your relationships?  This series will enrich and enliven your current situation, come and rejuvenate your relationship!
Envision a beautiful setting with trees, water flowing, soft music playing and an easy atmosphere to be yourself for the day with your best friend (s).   As we gather together, we will learn to let go of busyness and enjoy each moment in a more authentic way. A leisurely lunch break will allow us to enjoy the great outdoors, lounging or walking on a wooded path, and be fed nutritious food, made with care for each of you.  As we set our intention to begin, imagine what your relationship means to you, and how much time you have devoted to this special person in your life.  How much time do you devote to your own self care?  Both go hand in hand.
I will draw from a number of resources as your guide for this series. Milton Trager's  Movement as a Way to Agelessness; John Kabat-Zinn;s Full Catastrophe Living; Luiz Ruiz's The Four Agreements. Audry Mairi's Pathway to Peace. These authors have inspired me to greater fullness in my life and practice and my relationships.
  1.  3/29/14: Body Basics 101.  Front of the body: remembering what health means, importance of movement, concepts of trust, and commitment, making time for each other in the moment, personal presence practice, the power of the breath, exhaustion vs increased energy. Gotta love those feet!    WE will explore how important for us to cultivate separateness even if we are in a relationshipm and accentuate this   "I"...who am I?
  2.  4/12/14: Basics 102: Back of the body, pain and practical comfort giving measures; mood changers, pattern busters, opening the mind to new ways of being through moving meditation. Shoulder and should connection. Learning to be with ourselves and another without giving up our identity as we explore the  "We" part of the relationship.
  3.  4/26/14: Torso, head and neck. Opening the heart to new ways of loving through guided imagery.  I love necks and backs!  Core strengthening that is simple and in the moment.   Looking at relationships in general, types and dynamics as we explore what   "It" means to be in a relationship to each of us.
  4. 5/10/14 Day Four: Emergency care for the body, you can heal yourself, Food and Mood, metabolism connection, Movement as a way to agelessness. Integrative health practices.  Now you are a pro!  Out of your mind, and into the body!  How does being in a relationship, this relationship change the way we relate to the bigger world?  How do we enclude community in the relationship. We will explore what relationships are "All" about.

This approach to self care, health and healing has helped me to feel younger and healthier than ever, and connect with my partner more deeply.  Taking responsibility for our own health is the key.  Gentle, present touch reunites us at the unconscious level to change old patterns.

Format:  4 day long seminars, one full day each. 9:30-4:30.

Investment: FREE (Donations suggested $20-$40 per person per day)

Contact me to register.  These worshops are only open to friends, neighbors, students, clients and colleagues of mine that want to deepend their connections to their partners, or to their world.  Please do not pass this on, but if you bring someone for your partner that I do not know, that is fine.
Lunch: Pot luck lunch. There is a small kitchen at out disposal, with stove and refridgerator. No Microwave. I will supply teas, and water to drink and bring a different soup each week.