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Relief from Sciatic Pain

Pregnancy-shots-023If you have followed my blog over the last year, you know I have been traveling, doing a lot of long distance walking and swimming. After my extensive trip to Ireland on a walking tour, I found my old sciatic problems had resurfaced. I feel this had to do with all the walking I did  in Ireland for 10 days, then sitting on the plane for 8 hours on the way back.  I had a hard time sitting due to the pain running down my leg.  Looking back on my trip notes, I had some slight discomfort on the way over seas, that I didn't remember. It certainly didn't stop me from walking those green hills 8-10 miles a day! Sometimes I feel I have pain to learn how to help others resolve theirs.  In my case, over the last 15 years of practice, when I need to learn something about a certain part of the body, clients show up with the same problem!  First it was shoulder limitations, then neck, then wrists going numb, then some ankle sprains that needed healed, and on and on, until the most recent...So as I have been healing my own sciatic issues, I have had 4 clients come with the exact same problem within the last month. These clients are in different stages of healing, but are getting relief, and moving forward at their own pace. There is an emotional component to the exact degree of the physical, so as the body unwinds, the mind unwraps the holding patterns, so that healing occurs at the subconscious level.

Now these persons all are of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  But each of us have the same nerve pathway, and compression of the sciatic nerve is the problem.  The antidote? Creating space to relieve the compression!  Using gentle rocking, lengthening and the most sensitive handling of the body, compression is relieved, and pain dissolves.   Some core strengthening is needed to help the space created in the session hold.  Utilizing the core muscles for movement, such as exhaling on effort, is a simple way to do this.  I'll teach clients core strengthening  in various, simple ways each session until it becomes part of the new pattern.  Have you heard of "bed Exercises?"  (Come and find out how easy and effective they are!)

Note the comfortable side-lying position in the picture above...this pillow is down filled, and helps to create support as well as security for a client in pain.  Side- lying positions are useful for persons with sciatic issues, (and pregnant women especially love this!) and are really helpful to take the pressure off the nerve, allowing more relaxation as well as pain relief.  Sometimes to heal these deeper and more painful issues, more support is needed. Call me for a session if you have unresolved and reoccurring sciatic pain that just will not quit!  You deserve to be pain free!

P.S.  My pain is 98 % resolved at this point, and I know exactly what works for me.  Let's find what works for you, together.