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Self Care is Health Care

Self Correction Equals Less Discomfort

symbolSelf correction is the ultimate way to go if you want to feel more ease in your body and more control of your health.  Body awareness takes practice, and when we listen to our bodies more closely, we tend to self correct as needed.  Holistic Health Coaching as well as the Trager® Approach allows me to assist you in responding to your body, and  help you accurately interpret the message of pain and discomfort you may be experiencing. What is self correction, in terms of posture and health? Notice your posture, as you are reading this...if you made any corrections at all, i.e. sat up straighter, uncrossed your legs, pushed your tailbone back farther in your chair, or simply relaxed your shoulder muscles, that is a self correction.  We make these corrections throughout the day, unconsciously. Or, we don't.

2008-05-Anatomia-3-e-Mereu-143Self correction is  like a flower unfolding. In a few days, this Night Blooming Sirius will be as big as a grown man's hand, opening fully to ex-pose it's delicate inner workings.  It's perfume fills the house overnight...and only one night!  In the morning, if you didn't see it opening before you went to bed, it will be limp and spent.  It is a magical mystery. Luckily for us, we can unfold over and over again through self correction.

Here is an example of how to bring greater awareness to your body's messages of discomfort.

A slight pain on a busy day may be ignored temporarily, but it will become  louder at some point, to get our attention.  Before that happens:

  1. Change the activity, move around and shake off the discomfort. If you can take a rest, lie down or go outside, and give yourself 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching, or better yet, empty your mind and do nothing!
  2. Sit quietly and take 7 deep breaths. Breathe space into the area that is calling  your attention.
  3. Check in with your posture. Be as tall as you can be, standing or sitting. Allow tension to melt away using your inner vision of ice, or better yet~ chocolate melting.
  4. Call your health coach (me :>), bodyworker (me :>) and learn to develop the insight and skill to take care of yourself.

What if a simple self correction could help you before it gets to point 4? Yes, this is possible, and most of us have a lot of un-learning to do.  If you have acute pain, that comes on suddenly...get outside help immediately. If you have been living with any chronic pain or illness that isn't moving, let's move it together!