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Setting Goals

Have a goal that has not been met? Join the club! As an integrative health coach, I am helping my clients achieve goals that have not yet been realized. One client has lost 36 pounds since October, and now feels better than she has in 10 years! What is the secret to setting goals and intentions and actually seeing them come to fruition? From my experience, the number one goal killer is that the goals are simply too big. It is fine to have large visions and goals, in fact, necessary to dream big to create the tension of change. But the steps we take to get there must be manageable. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is much easier than saying I want to lose 25 pounds by summer.

So if you want to lose 1-2 pounds a week, what is one thing you are willing to give up and one thing you are willing to add? For example, I had a client say she would give up eating her daily dark chocolate, and another say she would add a Zumba class once a week.

These are doable goals, and with weekly support of your friends or a coach, they are bound to move you toward the larger vision.