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Settled in at Last

If you read the last blog, we were on the move...and we did!  To celebrate all that hard , Steve and I just took a well earned break!  I spent 4 days on my own at a nurses' training in Greenwich Village, NYC. It was great to walk around the neighborhood where Dylan, Baez, and others made their debut...The food was fantastic, the flair was often outragious and delightful, and the NEWS...NY passed the bill that allows Gay Marriages...the week before the Gay Pride parade last Sunday.  You can imagine the celebration that started before we left.  Steve went directly to visit family on the Cape... I attended the first of a 3 part series on Integral Health Coaching put together by Nurses,  for Nurses.  Even though I already do coaching with my Trager practice, I will be adding this more formally to my repertoire, and helping those that desire change, with new ways to approach it.

Watch my website for some preliminary information regarding this new endeavor, and please let me know if you are interested. Until January, I will be working with 5 clients for free, as part of my practice and preparation for certification.   If you know someone with a serious desire to be healthier; or if you are tired of wanting to lose weight, lowering your blood pressure, or your Blood Sugar numbers...we know how to be healthy, why isn't it working?  Let me practice with you, and we will both benefit.  I will be weaving the Trager Approach into this, so that will be part of the session...just not the main focus.

After all that I was able to have some R&R at the Cape, and playing in the waves is highly recommended to break those old nagging patterns!  I hope you can experience that soon!  If you cannot get away, come for a Trager session and swim in the Quarry...that will hold you for a time...

Pass it on! Judy