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Shameless Society= SICKO

You may think with that title, this is going to be hard to hear. Not at all. It has a positive ending...read on.

 Michael Moore's latest documentary once again gives a realistic view of a challenging dilemma...the health care system.  I have begun referring to it as the "healthscare" system, since it is so dysfunctional.  This movie is not about how bad things are , but how good they could be.  As I left the movie,  I begin asking even bigger questions of my friends and colleagues...what is the real issue here?  I came away from viewing this film totally inspired by this man's life work of truth seeking, and stating the obvious.  In his film-making, Michael Moore does a fabulous job of remaining neutral. (Not so in his books...cynical humor is the way he softens his topics) and I appreciate anyone's ability to stay neutral when outrage may be needed to wake us up.

The bigger questions?  "Why have we become a shameless society? " and then quickly shifting my energy to: "What is my role in restoring the value of caring about others to the human race?  In fact, this lack of caring seems more prevalent in the US, and we are all directly and indirectly responsible for it.  We see it, we practice it, we feel helpless to change it. The movie shows us this over and over again. People in powerful positions, in this case, the Healthcare system, make decisions based on economics.  I cannot describe the feeling I had while witnessing scene after scene of numerous scenarios where individuals were being turned away due to erroneus coverage within their health insurance plan.  SICKO points out that it is not just persons without insurance that do not receive the care they need, it is the insured population as well. 

I do recall the feeling now.  I felt ashamed. Ashamed to be a nurse and not speak up. Ashamed to not be providing free Trager sessions to anyone who cannot afford my work.  Ashamed that I am part of a society that allows this shameless behavior to continue. 

It seems in some indegenous tribes, (including some Native Americans, according to my teachers) used shame as a disciplinary action when someone's behavior was out of line with the norm.  Shaming an individual works well when the support system of loving Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are available to soften the embarrasment with unconditional love, while the person is being held accountable for changing the undesired behavior.  In our society, shame doesn't work because there are too many places to hide.  You can continue your behavior in another city or town.  You could get elected in another state.  We move away from family and friends or if we are in powerful positions, hide behind others who have done similar behaviors before us, and say "everyone else does it".  How easy it has become to lie.

In any strong emotion lies untapped energy for change. In my shame, I find the energy to envision a free clinic, and begin asking others to envision it with me. I want to do more sessions.  I want to train others to train others to work for Peace, whether it is utilizing Trager or modeling and teaching Ethical Solvency.  I want my country and my "elected" officials to work toward restoring integrity and the value of caring for all, above their need for trophy homes and large salaries.  I want to see the abundance in my own life, and continue to feel fully supported by my community to do the work that I feel so passionate about.  This means I must let go of the fear of "not having enough" and "not feeling secure".  Is that at the root of all of this for others, too?  I feel this is the bottom-line truth of the matter for me.

You may note a little cynicism in my statements.  In my cynicism, the energy to get back to work comes in. I recognize my cynicism, and want it to be a positive force. It drains me. And yet, I need to say these things outloud, so I can hear how cynical I actually am.  Silence breeds more silence.

How much do I care?  At times more than others.  Just like everyone else, when I am stressed and feeling down, I regress into old patterns of thoughts that do not support myself or others. I become selfish, withdrawn, and have little heart for lifting the spirits of others.  In those moments, I remind myself of what makes me really happy.  Being with friends...ok, so I go call some.  Giving sessions....ok, how about calling a colleague for a trade; or who haven't I seen for a while that would really benefit from a session?  Music, music, music...and gardening....always available to me, the Earth offers me companionship and security in her Abundant Nature.  I make a choice, and get on with the creative aspect of my life.

I recently heard someone say there are 3 parts of negativity to 1 part positivity, and we must learn to deal with the negativity or it will overwhelm us.  Hmmm, what could be easier?  What if I envision the positive charge 3 times BIGGER than a single negative charge?  I have now successfully turned that person's statement into another option.  I could even venture to say: It is not my truth.  My understanding is that universal natural law just doesn't work that way. Positive and negative ions have been balancing each other out since the dawn of existence.  This will continue with or without my input.

I do agree that I want to learn to handle negativity better.  Becoming neutral does not mean withdrawn. It means to actively engage toward finding that balance point.  I hear the horror stories of our world, and I choose to balance each story with a positve one.  Finding the gift, the lesson of it.  It is that simple.  SICKO=TAKE ACTION. 

How many sessions a month would help you live up to your potential?  Let's negotiate.   Judy