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Simply Living~ Sharing my experience

Before I moved here from Richwood, Ohio in 1999, I reached out to the Simply Living Intentional Community. With the example of so many experienced leaders in Simply Living, I inched out of my comfort zone and learned to speak up and out about external systems that no longer work. An example of this is the way our elders are leaving this planet. It is sad to see so many dying in hospitals and nursing homes. Often it’s the care givers who become the family. I envision a returning to the family as we age, and that death will become a beautiful, welcomed ritual of letting go. I’m now in a circle of peers who I can really relate to, and who want to slow down to the speed of the human heart beat. THe annual fundraiser for SL is coming up on October 26th. Please go to the Simplyliving.org website for details. Each year, in exchange for learning about this great organization, we are served an organic, local, fresh, lunch~ free of charge~, and hear stories of SL members. Truly inspiring! This year, AlternativesPlus will be featured...please attend, and we will see you there!

I am grateful to Simply Living for helping me to relate to the world and all that’s in it, in a deeply intimate and personal way.