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Staying connected

I have begun to play with the idea of writing something here every day regarding my work as a Trager Practitioner. I trust you will return to this site as a way to keep connected to me and our community. The Business Sense/cents class begins on Thurs eve Feb 16th. I still have room for a few more. The time is changed from what is in the USTA newsletter. Please email me with any questions.

I am putting together a Community Building teleclass that will be 4 weeks, and cover my experiences as the Trager International COT Representative, as well as building our local Trager group here in Columbus, Ohio. It will be avaialbe in March. Please contact me for details, or watch for the launching from this site.

I have learned so much, and want to share with you for the benefit of all.

Allow your sky hook to lift you from your sit bones...feel the energy of soft strength....Judy