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The busyness of business

Each day is a new adventure when it comes to having my own practice utilizing the Trager(tm) Approach... Today I discovered that the busier I am, the less attention I pay to details. Things like putting the correct date on the flyer, forgetting to write down the correct appointment time. I never understood the connection to the busyness of business until today. After 3 incidents in a row (it always comes in 3"s !) I realized I need to take a well deserved pause....

I sing about this in one of my songs...it's beautiful to do nothing and then just take a break! (sung in blues style) It's even more beautiful to be really productive and then take one!

Perhaps the pattern I was in , now exposed, can recede in to the past, as I create what I want. I am accountable to details, in a joyful way. I am busy and detailed. I am changing this as I speak.

Today, I can create what tomorrow will bring, I only need a few pauses now and then. The pause creates clarity. So right now I am going to take one! Join me for a few breaths, a moment of silence in the mind....enjoy!