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The Dance of Life

Dancing has really got a hold on me...as a teen, nothing serious, just party type bobbing and weaving, occassional weddings, etc.  It seemed a natural event for me, not difficult, primarily because I liked to move, and wasn't too self-conscious, and I mostly danced alone which is much easier...now I am learning to dance with a partner and it is entirely a different experience!

I am currently taking Ballroom and Argentine Tango lessons here in Columbus, and learning the life lessons that come with dance instruction.  "Rely on your partner" "allow more space between you and your partner" "just flow with it!" "if your partner doesn't know what to do, do nothing. As the follower, you must allow him to figure it out!"

This sounds like good advice in general for relationships, doesn't it?  Even though the men I am partnered up with in a class are not known to me, I reflect back to my past relationships and think: wow, what a concept!  You mean I do not have to lead?  I wondered if I had taken the lead too often?  Letting go of leading, what does that mean? Who will be in charge if I let go of control? I guess I can play with letting go of control in this moment, what a relief!

This is letting go at a totally different level, learning to trust on my feet, as it were.  Relying on another for direction, when I have always been the pathfinder for instance, is more of a challenge than it may sound. At least for me.  THe process is quite enjoyable, usually. There is also at times a feeling of childlike embarrasment when I am not being asked to dance. This usually happens at a club, not in the classroom, where the instructors make sure everyone dances.  So if you want to move through some of your old fears, this is a great way to go about it!  Some people think I am courageous, some foolish. All I know is when I am feeling, whatever the feeling is, I AM ALIVE!

Our legs symbolically and literally, move us forward in life. When we have pain or injuries in our legs, we may want to ask ourselves, why am I holding myself back? Or am I afraid to go forward?  Our feet represent having an understanding of life, and being willing to change and go with the flow...some internal questioning directly posed to an area of discomfort is often beneficial...ask your feet: what am I having trouble understanding?  GIve yourself a few minutes for the response to come.  Perhaps, you have not been listening closely enough to the pain.

Pain is a great teacher. Honor your own pain and discomfort, use it to get to know yourself better.  And when you get a response, LISTEN!  THere is nothing worse than a student that doesn't heed the teachers wisdom.

If you want more movement in your life, why not take a dance class?  I have a few resources at my disposal to get you started...and will be happy to share them, just email me.  Who knows, maybe some of those relationship issues will begin to clear up in the process!  At the very least, you will begin to lighten your step, and enjoy the evening!  One of the studios I dance at has a logo: walk in, dance out! 

If you want to start more privately, put on a CD at home with your favorite music and get moving!