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Self Care is Health Care

The Iceman Cometh!

That first beautiful and threatening layer of ice covered my car and everything else as I left my apartment this morning. Scraping the windsheild was easy, feeling safe on the sidewalk was not. I was able to get to the car ok and fortunately, and driving wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The roads were clear. When I returned 2 hours later, I forgot about it, and slipped going up to the door. Not a fall down, hit the ground slip, but a serious JERK! that left me jarred, yet upright. Close call. Having practiced Trager for the last 10 years, I immediately begin shaking out my tail, letting my legs drop and taking a few minutes to enjoy the awareness and sensations that arise. Having the knowledge and using it are two different skills. It only takes a moment to take care of ourselves, yet how many moments slip by without self care? I feel a bit of stiffness, I shake out. I sit a little taller in the chair and shift my weight.

For a more serious blow, I may need to stay with it a bit longer, or get some help. Today, I may feel more of the same stiffness later. I will be watching. It is my responsibility, and my ability to respond, to my own body's needs that improve and speed healing. Of course, all the additional things I do right on a daily basis add to a speedy recovery time, such as: nutritious foods, limiting sugar and wheat products, moderate exercise and movement 2-3 times a week, healthy coping strategies, lots of support...healthy relationships, and a life of service...these all feed me as well.

Balancing all of the above, means I can splurge a bit as the holidaze approach!

Take good care of you! If you run out of ideas, give me a call! Judy