Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

The Value of our Work

Do you know the value of your work, of the Trager Approach, as a healing modality? A hundred years of research supports our work. Not just Trager Approach, but massage , energy , touch, movement and other "alternatives" that are ancient in nature, espressing their truth in these modalities.

When the pressure builds for change, the resistance is felt. Often the "powers that be" feel the right to attack, accuse, even demand psychiatric assessment of a colleague.

Because I am on the edge of something new, I feel excited by it's potential. I want to talk about it, share it, let it take hold in a society that is fixed on fixing...My work is about empowerment and healing the self. How many governments can you name that encourage individual expression? Because I have spent a lot of time developing my skills as a practitioner, I have not studied the research. In many ways this makes me feel isolated, on the edge of a great precipice, sometimes scared to talk about what I do , and at other times, so confident I feel as if I am on fire.

Have you also been waffleing in your confidence about expressing your work? How do we become steady in the knowledge that supports us? I feel good when someone reminds me that one hundred years of research stands behind me. Or that there are anti-trust laws that say, no one can take away your right to practice. This supports our work. I want to know these things, to be able to support each of you. I will share as I learn them. I am fortunate to be in a group setting, where we share our knowledge freely. I have created this for myself. I cannot know everything. I admit this. I want to be around those who can fill in the gaps.

As a client receiving the work that is deemed "alternative", (a 17 year old client of mine even objects to the term because it is not the truth. Says he " these ways have been known and used before so they are not alternative, western medicine is the alternative.") you are feeling the change in your body, and perhaps not aware of and how this valuable work is being challenged state by state, region by region. What if you didn't have the option to seek out a practitioner of this nature?

Let us use our energetic projections to realign the minds of those in charge. Let us help them move beyond fear...fear of change, fear of the unknown. Let us see this change happening in a loving way with ease...there is only love. and there is enough for all of us.