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Tidbits from Padova and Rome

A short train ride from Mestre is Padova, a combination of the very old and the very new. Three Euros and 30 minutes later I arrive.  Padova is a highly populated area, and the home of one of my colleagues, Margherita. She invited me to come to her home for the day.  Of course there was another excellent dish for dinner: Recipe for the day: a non traditional one!

Pollo con Birre: Curried Chicken: place chicken in a heavy skillet, and cook until well done, remove bones.  At end, simmer with one bottle beer and about  2 tbsp. curry. Cook until all the liquid is gone.   This was served as Secondo Piatte, after Primo Piatte of Spinaci Gnocchi. (Spinach Gnocchi), followed by fresh salad.

I did not see much of Padova, although we drove quite far to each her apartment.  I am impressed again by the well marked roads, albeit the intersections are mostly circular, and if yo do not know which way you are going, it is difficult to be in the right lane.  Driving in cars has been really educational for me this year. Other years I have stuck to trains and buses.

Backtracking to the 14th of Sept., I was in Rome for a morning before taking the train to Venezia Mestre and wandered abound the train station, finding all sorts of churches. It was Sunday morning, so they were performing masses at various times, and the tourists still allowed to wander into certain areas.

Once inside the church, I sat in the last pew, and listened to the last half of the mass in Italian. Memories begin to surface from my Catholic upbringing. One funny memory is siting next to my sister Joyce, and her comment upon hearing the Priest say something about sex: "the best thing since sliced bread!"  I was about 13 and she 4 years older would know about this.

The Basilica Santa Maria on the site of the original Roman baths, really drew my interest. There is a museum room with information about the baths and the continual upgrades. This basilicais worth finding because Pope Clementi ordered a Meridian Line built in 1655 by Cassini.  The task of a Meridian line is to measure the exactduration of a lunar month and tropical year. This need to measure was motivated by both political and religious reasons. this church was selected for it's staility and dinebsions.  To sum it up, there is a hole in the in the wal near the ceiling that shots a laser ray of sunlight along a line of zodiac marble plates in the floor. A schedule is posted for daily viewing. On the 14th, the time was 1:05, and I leave at 12:50...too bad, have to catch it the next time. It is always around noon. (when the sun is shining.) 

The second church is an Anglican-Episcopalian, complete with Mosaic tile artistry, and a sculpture garden.  St Paul's within the walls has a real community feeling, it is a small church, on a busy street.  As I wandered into the gtarden, I heard a choir practicing, and stood nearby to listen, the echo of the church's dome made me want to add my voices to theirs.  I stayed and sang through the mass with everyone. For all my singing friends in Columbus, this was a rich experience! 


Caio for now.