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Next Monday, 3/25/19 the Ecuador Adventure begins. We will fly into Quito, have a day to explore, then down to the River basin and the Amazon Reserve for Peace… We have a group of 14 persons going and the last 4 days will be spent at the Galapagos. I will share picture when I return, but know that this trip will be a life changer. Check out these links:



TIme, time, time, it's on our side

Yes, it is...remember that song from the Rolling Stones? Time management becomes imperative when you own your own business. There are myriads of distractions to take us in a multitude of directions. Since I am totally responsible for my time management, I feel good about using it wisely and consciously. The Trager Approach has taught me about ease. One morning about a month ago, I was sitting with some hot tea, after breakfast, doing nothing but watching the steam rise. It was about 8 am. I had already completed my early morning ritual that includes attention to my body with Pilates and Trager Mentastics as well as meditation. I rise with the sun, and go to bed earlier and up an hour later than in the summer. I do not use any alarm clock, nor do I wear a watch anymore. My sense of timing has improved greatly!

I had recently decided to slow my pace in the morning, and was getting up earlier without effort, not hurrying to get somewhere. Even though I do not see clients until 9:30, I like to be at the office by 9. So with the steam rising off my tea, I had a nice feeling of emptiness and gratitude for the day wash over me. In an instant, this thought came to me "Ease means: the efficiency of energy and the economy of effort!" (see the other post entitled the 4 E's) This thought had come out of the blue like many others, when I get out of my own busyness my creative juices explode, giving new meaning to my life.

By prioritizing our time, we can accomplish a lot more. I had a friend who told me they ran circles around me, but I seemed to get much more done! Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare...

Apply this Trager principle of the "4 E's " to your life. If you need a little more education about living more simply and more fully...without all the hurrying, come a get a dose for yourself! I gaurentee, you will slow down, and enjoy life more. Trager is good medicine!