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Trager and Pregnancy

The Trager approach can help new moms, and experienced ones for that matter, carry and deliver their babies more easily, and feel good about their bodies during pregnancy. A pregnant body has to shift the weight bearing through the whole structure, to support the new being. Legs and hips rotate slightly out, knees can be stressed, and feet want lots of attention! Hormone changes stir up the emotional stability, sleep problems may occur, and appetite changes can upset normal eating patterns. Sounds like fun??? When you hold that new baby in your arms, you will forget all of this! In the meantime, let's get more comfortable with the pregnancy. A feeling of compression and downwardness can happen before you know it, rather than joy you felt at the beginning of the pregnancy, you may begin to feel heavy and immobile. The Trager approach provides movement explorations and the gentle touch of a practitioner, to help you regain a feeling of spaciousness in your body. Feeling your "sky hook", a simple technique that is taught to help you lift through the crown of the head, gives a gentle elongation throughout the entire spine. The muscles of the belly relax and and is better able to receive the support of the pelvis. You regain freedom in movement!

Severe pain in the hips that runs down the leg(s), is a common complaint for pregnant women as movement decreases in the pelvic area. Walk with a gentle kick, or as you sit on an exercise ball or chair, try rolling your hips back and forth to create space in the pelvis, relieving the compression of the major nerve that runs through this area, called the sciatic nerve. These movement suggestions will also help those with back pain.

After the baby is born, you can regain your original strength and structure more quickly with a few sessions of Trager. You bones will still be feeling the effects of elastin for a while after the birth, and it is a great time to get moving back in the direction you would like to go.

It is a pleasure to work with a pregnant mother, creating a joyful and peaceful pregnancy and birthing process! Your baby will feel the effects and express the newfound freedom with more movement and dropping into the birth canal with less effort. Let's create a more peaceful world, one birth at a time.