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Trekking in Ireland and Summer Session Special

I am back from trekking in Ireland, and have learned so much about walking at my own pace, that I want to share some new insights with old and new clients. I prepared for the trip for 6 months, both mentally and physically, and I succeeded in finding new confidence in movement! Irelandjudy-024Would you like to be more active? Wake up feeling pain free? Be excited to go to work in the am? Work towards a goal of long distance walking without fear of pain or exhaustion?

Biodancing includes the Trager Approach, Health coaching and body awareness through movement...it is a fantastic experience, and you can read more about it on this website.

For the months of July and August, I will offer 2 sessions for the price of one, and you can space it anyway you like...weekly, biweekly or monthly.. This is you opportunity to get moving! (you can also let a friend have your second session, or split the cost.) Together we will come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Not to worry, if you are having pain, you can do those 2 sessions in a week. I have yet to have someone with chronic pain, that didn't improve within a month of 2 sessions a week. Let's give it a shot...I will refund your money if you don't improve.

Please pass this forward to anyone you know who is thinking of getting some help, or wants to achieve some health goals and is feeling stuck.

Have a great summer! Judy