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Day 3...permisse practico Italiano escrivo!!!  Io volo en Milano ventadue, Agosto, viernes, departe autobus a il Treno Stazionale Centrale... Please permit me to practice Italian while I write!  I flew into Milan on August 22, Friday, left for the Cental train Station...took a train to Florence, and another to Pontessieve, and a pick up from friend Adele...I left Columbus Thurs the 21st at 12:10, and arrived at Adele's on Fri around 5 pm. (with 8 hour ahead difference added in...you can do the math!)

My daily offerings are now more infrequent due to internet slowness, and human ignorance (mine)...needing help now and then to connect.  I am staying with friend and Trager colleague, Adele Landise (origanante Cincinnati, Oh).  She arranged for me to facilitate an "Avaha Wisdom Circle" and we had 10 persons in the group.  It was held outside on her property, near her home outside Florence, in Pontessieve, Tuscany. 

Adele, past owner and Chef of a Vegetarian restaurant in Florence,  and her partner Sandro, a sculptor, refurbished  this 15th century mill where they live, many years ago, and have created this beautiful paradiso for many to enjoy.  Everyone but one person in the group slept here on the property, and we had a mix of Trager and non Trager members.

The type of activities the group may agree to, is always a mystery to me, and our opening round of talking, using a Native American talking stick revealed the need to open to Self and the Earth and Community... of course, this is why I am here as well.  One activity was to allow ourselves to be drawn to something in Nature, and use all our senses to get to know it.  Back in the circle, we introduced our friend to the group, leading a movment it taught us, and finally-relating it to our own life currently.  Much emotion and understanding was gained, and so relative to each member, including myself.  A beautiful photo of our fire that evening revealed 2 hopi dancers supporting the burning (releasing) of our visions we had written down, and placed inside a dried gourd. After 2 days of deep listening, to the Earth and each other, we say goodby with deeper intention to bring more Presence and Awareness to our daily lives. 

It used to surprise me, that so many people I have met here in Italy, and in the Trager community, desire a deeper connection to the Earth, and the Native American Spiritual traditions are alive and well here, in fact more information is requested.  I am happy to be available to share what I know, and learn much more, as I travel. The indegenous people lived everywhere, and have much to teach us.  Italy is special to me, not only because my Father's family is from here, but because I have had visions of the Etruscans while I was involved in a Native Community.  I have heard there is a new site being prepared for the public, not far from here,  and may get to see the  ruins while in Sienna, next week.

The Italians lead a very rich life, with simple but delicious foods, long rest periods in the afternoon when it is hot, and late suppers, with plenty of conversation time.  I am listening a lot, recalling the words without working at it.  Interestingly, phrases are coming out during speaking, and I practice them while walking Adele's 2 German Shepherds, and doing a few word puzzles and a few pages in the Italian-American dictionario I brought...  The language is as fluid and beautiful, as the cold deep spring that I dipped in this afternoon.  I tire listening, and take pauses by the spring from time to time.

My plans to stay put are harder then I thought, an invitation to Sienna on Thursday that I cannot pass up; a request for a session in Padova near Venice; an opportunity to visit colleagues in Mestre, near Venice...looks like I am adding a trip to the North before Austria!

Recipe of the day: Make ordinary rice, but add potato and zuchinni as it is cooking (one each).  Top with lots of fresh pesto!!! Adele adds parsley to the pesto to balance the garlic...with grated carrots sprinkled with lemon juice, and fresh tomato slices, a meal to remember!

Ciao! Judita!