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Ciao...Last night I had dinner with friend in Venice, very few people, which was nice, cooler temperatures here than in Maratea, and more great food!  More about the rest of yesterday: Recipe for the day:  Saucicetta and corn polenta: Make your favorite recipe for Polenta, and top with fresh tomatoe sauce with fresh sausage links.  Simple and a local rustic dish for this area. 

I have 3 pages types of recipes, and will invite you all over for an Italian festa when I return.  I am in the North, and passed by many corn and bean fields, reminding me of home. the trees are starting to turn here, altuano/fall has arrived. I am sure you are all seeing the colors begin to change there. 

Yesterday, my friend and colleague Roberto, and wife Dora took me to the coast across from Venice, to walk on the beach, and have lunch in their camper....pasta of course, and homemade sauce, the typical brasaola sliced thinly, with arugula and shaved parmesean,  olives as antipasti. Even in the camper, the table is set, and we eat together, saying bon appetito. Each meal is shared, and I enjoy this so much.  Roberto and Dora speak very little English, and we still enjoy each other's company easily. 

I am so exhausted, and didn't know it. We slept on the beach for about 20 minutes, and again in the camper on the way back,  I couldn't stay awake. On returning to the house, I slept for 2 hours before leaving for dinner! 

Today Roberto and I will exchange Trager sessions at his studio, then I leave for Padova by train 30 minutes, to give a session and stay longer for tour with my colleague Margherita.  Return tonight to Mestre (outside of Venice, where Roberto lives) and stay until Friday. 

I will tell you more about my last morning in Rome, in the next blog...or when I return!  It was a very interesting time...

Sorry no pictures. I am not using my own computer to send these messages, and so cannot access all the pictures folks have loaded into it.

Please respond with a comment, I miss all of you!  Judy