Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

What is Health Coaching?

judy-in-campHealth coaching is about finding a professional that partners with you to live up to your full potential.  Health is not just the absence of disease, but the full expression of one's self.  Here are some quick questions to see if you are fully expressing yourself:  

  1. Are you happy most of the time?  Life has it's ups and downs, but is your general demeanor one of happiness? Smiling, laughing, allowing yourself small and large pleasures from time to time?
  2. Do you love your work, or at least, look forward to the day?  As we age, we begin to think more about retirement, and how we are spending our time. If you are retired, are your days filled with fun, learning and movement?
  3. 3.Is your body fully functional?  If not, why not, and what steps are you taking to correct problems?  It is a myth that as we age our bodies deteriorate!  I just missed my 40th High School reunion, and while it was happening, I was hiking through Ireland with 3 friends, approximately 7-14 miles per day. We covered 110 miles in 11 days.  The photos from the reunion are fabulous.  Big smiles, healthy bodies of 58 year olds...inspiring!
  4. Do you have chronic pain or other health problems?  Pain is a message. Listen to your body, it never lies.
  5. Do you sleep well?  Do you dream?  Sleep is a serious indicator of good health and allows us to wake refreshed and ready for new experiences.
  6. Are you expressing yourself creatively?  One of the needs humans have is to be productive.  Working for someone else is one way to do this, but producing art, music, poetry, healing arts, creative expressions allow for new growth.
  7. Are you flexible in body and mind?
  8. Do you feel grateful often?

Want to engage in your life more fully?  Health coaches will help you get there.  Call me and chat about how you can live up to your potential, and create the life you want at any age.   Summer sessions~ 2 for the price of one through August.  If you are not in need, congratulations!  Please pass this on to someone who may benefit.  Happy trails! Judy