Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


What clients have to say about Judy


Spending time in the presence of Judy Fasone, RN,MSN, has made a significant difference in my life! I appreciate the height, width, depth and magnitude of her wisdom as well as her presence as a nursing coach which can support the spectrum of my well being. The Trager® work that I have experienced with Judy has helped me not only to be more flexible and improve my movement and function but has helped me heal in a significant way so as to be in my body that feels more fully integrated with my life experience. I would highly recommend taking classes, coaching or enjoying Trager sessions with Judy! She is a true instrument of healing!
— Maggie McKivergin, RN,MS,HNC-CNS; Holistic Nurse Consultant. 1995 National Holistic Nurse of the Year. Honored as one of the Top 100 Graduates from the Ohio State University College of Nursing

I see Judy almost every month, for Trager® (body work) sessions. She organizes her work around what I need at that moment, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.
— Larry M., dancer and videographer. November 24, 2011

I felt listened to, encouraged, celebrated. Judy allowed me the freedom to work with my own inner wisdom...patiently, guiding me. She is truly a compassionate and skilled coach!
— RN, Owner of Joyful Healing

In addition to our hour together two times each month, she provided individualized ‘homework’ for me that I use at work and at home to keep more in tune to myself and my surroundings. She is a pleasure to work with.
— Business Systems Analyst, AEP

As a nurse and Integrative Nurse Coach,
Judy has the capacity to weave her knowledge and skills into a creative healing practice integrating energy dynamics and body work.
— Co-Founder, Integrative Nurse Coach Association

I am very happy with my improved body and have manifested a possible promotion! I wonder what will happen next!
Mentastics® movements that have gotten me out of the ruts to see more capacity of me. I am eating better, more awareness of posture and movement. What I enjoy most about Trager® is the flexibility, awareness and balance. Having Trager face up is wonderful, but Trager face down is even better!
— Gayle Miller, 65, Financier

Judy facilitated Trager® sessions (individual and group) in the warm water pool at McConnell Heart Health Center. These sessions helped participants increase their body awareness, improve their quality of movement and enhance their relaxation experience by learning how tune in to the body’s needs. The gentle movements helped to release pain and tension patterns. Many participants found this very helpful. I highly recommend trying a Trager® session with Judy.
— Aquatic Team Leader, Ohio Health

Judy provides the most wonderful healing experience that integrates body and mind. She is highly intuitive in her work, models compassion and gentleness and reminds me as a caregiver to give myself the compassion that I so easily have for others. The concepts of her work are simple, the outcome is as deep and expansive. Judy wisely guides me as I learn to heal and care for myself. I highly recommend Judy Fasone.
— Nurse practitioner at OhioHealth

Judy is a thoughtful deep listener who brings meditative skills to her role as my peer health coach. It is a pleasure to work with her.
— MSN, Clinical Program Manager

I consulted with Judy for her expertise in the practice of Trager®. She has provided that service as well as the most effective counseling I could have asked for..She is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate with the gift of guiding you to ‘figure it out’ on your own. Words are not enough to acknowledge her importance in my ongoing personal growth.
— Restaurant Owner

I have benefited from Judy’s soft loving touch and her open heart and compassion
— Trager Practitioner, Ohio