Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Nurturing the Nurse

I love helping nurse professionals find balance and joy in their careers. I have been an entreprenurse for about 14 years, and coached many persons to build their practices.  I am happy to assist you as you learn to bloom where you are planted or plant yourself in a new field. As a clinical instructor, student health is emphasized and Self Care is woven into every class and clinical experience.

I want to be the kind of nurse that is a good collaborator, without totally ignoring my own needs. I want to be the kind of nurse that has a willingness to be present in times of sorrow and suffering for others while being aware of my own sorrow and sadness, as it is triggered by others' suffering. 

I want to be paid well, and work an amount of hours that allows me time for my personal life.  I want to have support in the work place and feel heard and respected for my knowledge. Because I state these wants clearly, I create them. I am all of this and more.

As an Integrative Nurse Coach, I offer you the Nurtrition™  that you may need to see you through a long needed change in your career.  There are so many options.  Nurses need nurtured and need to be fed well. Not just with food, but spiritually as well.  Nurtrition is a way to rev up your current position with integrity.  Together, we will look at your choices so far and evaluate what your choices are for next steps.  You do not have to reinvent yourself,  but perhaps having an Integrative Nurse Coach in your corner would speed up those transitions you have been thinking about.


How long must we wait, before we feel the antecedent process of dis-ease within ourselves, and set it right by finding supportive peers who will stand beside us as we risk change?


"Shall we begin by taking it as a general principle-that all disease, at some period or other of its course, is more or less a reparation process, not necessarily accompanied with suffering: an effort of nature to remedy a process of poisoning or of decay, which has taken place weeks, months, sometimes years beforehand, unnoticed, the termination of the disease being then, while the antecedent process was going on, determined?"

-Florence Nightingale