Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


It is possible to heal ourselves through movement! I have created 6 workshops designed to create greater freedom in your body and mind. We will meet at the beautiful gathering space Reiki Center on 5th Avenue, and learn to free ourselves from patterns of restriction in a fun day full of self care. Continuing Education credits are available for Licensed Massage Therapists and Nurses. You may choose to attend all the workshops or just one. See you there!

12:00 PM12:00

Trager First Aid

How many times have you had an injury that didn’t heal? Perhaps those first moments when injured are more important than you think. We can heal those chronic old injuries by treating them as if they just happened. Come and learn how.

Judy is a skilled, Senior Trager Practitioner and will guide you to a state of relaxation and greater flexibility, no matter what your ailments are. You will also learn how to help yourself. Each class is like a long session.

“My full body is in an energetic flow” Michael Loukas, Rolfer, Cols Ohio

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12:00 PM12:00

Living Pain Free!

Yes, this can be you! Come and learn how to let go and allow your body to move beyond compensation patterns that no longer work. Move every joint every day!

Judy is a skilled Senior Trager Practitioner with 22 years experience, her classes are fun and you will leave with new skills for healing and well being.

“The main reason I am feeling good about Trager is the sustainability of it all. What I mean by that is I can go to acupuncture or a chiropractor and get relief, and perhaps see progress, however, when I do Trager I am realizing that now I have something that I have learned to loosen up my body and feel free again. I used to be a skeptic, but now I’m not.”

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to Oct 25

Functional Nutrition: Food As Medicine

  • Group coaching Experience focused on health
  • 4 week series in October, 2019, 2 hours each night cost $135 in advance
  • Held at the Reiki Center, 1540 West Fifth Ave, Grandview, Oh 43212   
  •  Monthly facilitated support group to follow (for graduates) to continue through the winter months.
  • Guidance to set and meet your personal health goals for better health with a focus on nutrition
  •  Healthy food recipe and sharing each week
  •  Holistic focus: self-assessments each of the 4 weeks to determine priority       goals
  •   Handouts and homework will help you stay engaged in your goals and in the group
  • · Social media connection for sharing successes and challenges at any time of day
  • · Group support with a skilled nurse facilitator
  •   Weekly centering practices to promote the “inner healer” to arise and assist.
  •   Facilitated Movement breaks for self care
Food is medicine!  It can be addictive and it can also heal...what is your pattern?

Food is medicine!  It can be addictive and it can also heal...what is your pattern?

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A Professional Training in the Trager® Approach- LEVEL ONE
to Apr 7

A Professional Training in the Trager® Approach- LEVEL ONE

Trager® is a pleasurable approach to movement education and mindbody integration. In both the table work and the self-guided inquiries, gentle touch and rhythmic movements teach the body how to be fully relaxed and mentally clear.

In this training, you will learn how to work from a lighter and more supported structure, and to cultivate feelings of freedom, openness and grounding. You’ll practice a complete session protocol using Trager principles of elongating, weighing, shimmering, swinging and more to facilitate a positive feeling experience!

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