It is possible to heal ourselves through movement! I have created 6 workshops designed to create greater freedom in your body and mind. We will meet at the beautiful gathering space called the All Life Center in Delaware Ohio and learn to free ourselves from patterns of restriction in a fun day full of self care. Continuing Education credits are available for Licensed Massage Therapists and Nurses. You may choose to attend all the workshops or just one. See you there!

A Professional Training in the Trager® Approach- LEVEL ONE
to Apr 7

A Professional Training in the Trager® Approach- LEVEL ONE

Trager® is a pleasurable approach to movement education and mindbody integration. In both the table work and the self-guided inquiries, gentle touch and rhythmic movements teach the body how to be fully relaxed and mentally clear.

In this training, you will learn how to work from a lighter and more supported structure, and to cultivate feelings of freedom, openness and grounding. You’ll practice a complete session protocol using Trager principles of elongating, weighing, shimmering, swinging and more to facilitate a positive feeling experience!

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