Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


It is possible to heal ourselves through movement! I have created 6 workshops designed to create greater freedom in your body and mind. We will meet at the beautiful gathering space Reiki Center on 5th Avenue, and learn to free ourselves from patterns of restriction in a fun day full of self care. Continuing Education credits are available for Licensed Massage Therapists and Nurses. You may choose to attend all the workshops or just one. See you there!

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The Trager Approach: Helping ourselves, helping others

How much of ourselves do we give away as we care for those in our lives? This exploration of mind/body will give us much needed practice with boundaries, healthy relating to others and self awareness.

The Trager Approach promotes self-development through inner and outer explorations through movement. Are we able to stay focused and centered as we are engaging with others? Where is the balance? We will play with this in interactions on and off the table and in conversation with others.

Come and explore one of the great frontiers: our body/mind. You will leave with tools and techniques to help you enjoy your life and relationships more, and decrease the likelihood of resentment and withdrawal. Job dissatisfaction often can be averted by finding new ways to engage with our world. If you are contemplating a serious change, let’s explore the options within, that calm and center us before we make that big decision.

You can check your boundaries around family and coworkers/clients by noticing what you feel first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. Are you happy to get up and get started with your day? Are you satisfied at the days end and look forward to coming home to family? What could be easier?

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