Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition

The Trager® Difference

How is Trager® Different?

  • Educate rather than “treat”

The Trager Practitioner is taught to hold the space, and “feel” the tissue. We are not there to “fix” you, but to support your process. When we meet resistance or hardness we get softer. We question, “How could this be?”  Often I will go to the furthest point away from the issue that comes to the table. If an ankle is painful or weak, I may start with the neck, and vice versa.  The body has an innate capacity for healing itself.  You are educated, not by words, but by experiencing the softness of the practitioners' hands.  Change occurs naturally, not forcefully. Cellular memory is efficient. You can recall this feeling, just by asking yourself "how did it feel?".

  • practitioner self-care

The practitioner is trained to practice self-care when giving sessions. Self-awareness is developed during the long pauses we take to let you feel the changes and sensations in your body.  Our pause is also to allow the practitioner time to let go of "doing" and simply "be" with the client.  In this way, we are partners in this experience. I get a session every time I give a session.   In the path toward helping you to be more aware of yourself, I must be more aware of myself. If I am tense, you feel the tenseness. If I am soft and free flowing in my movements, you feel that.  The Practitioner moves constantly in the session, except when pausing to feel the effects of what just happened. In a session, pauses heighten the awareness of the change in tissue. If there is no pause, over-stimulation interferes with the learning process.

  • body/mind patterns change

Our tissues hold the unconscious memory of every thing that has happened to us. On and off the table, a practitioner is interested in “moving” the client in a new way. As the client relaxes and takes in the new information that comes with increased circulation and energy flow, the unconscious mind reveals forgotten memories, allowing them to be integrated into the new you.  Mentastics® movements are taught during each session, and become woven throughout your day. Soon, you will maintain this new feeling of freedom and peace in-between sessions.

  • hook-up

Trager initiates a meditative state which is likened to a hypnotic or trance state, where bliss is found. You will relax more deeply that you normally do, thanks to being rocked gently about 5000 times during a session! In this state, learning something new is easy and pleasurable.  This work is contagious. Once you feel it, you will want to continue. You can hook up to this feeling anytime you want.

  • profound and life changing

Once the pattern is interrupted, everything about you changes. In turn,this affects the way you feel about yourself as well as how you interact in all your relationships. A Trager practitioner encourages a client to communicate with the practitioner during the session.  I have found that many clients have a very limited vocabulary to describe how they are feeling. Teaching the “expression of feelings” or “finding our voice” is second nature to a Trager Practitioner.  Communication improves over time with a series of sessions. Speaking authentically becomes easier because in session, this is practiced.

  • integration and wholeness

This sums up the experience of a session. Subtle, deep and profound changes take place in such a way that afterwards, you are energized for days. You will sleep more deeply. Trager is a way of life and a way of being- being the same person in every role. Taking off the masks we wear to please everyone other than ourselves. Trager helps us to recall the pleasure in our bodies and in our lives. It is remembering the way it used to be, learning to manifest your own reality, live simply, and follow a spiritual path of principles learned by asking the question “How could it be?”.

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