Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Judy Fasone, RN, MSN,

Health and Wellness Nurse Coach

Senior Trager Practitioner and Teacher



  • Health and Wellness-Board Certified Nurse Coach

    • Nurse coach supervisor

    • Nursing Education Consultant

    • Holistic Nursing Educator

    • Home Health Consultant

  • Functional Nutrition Assessment

  • Healing with Whole Foods

    • Individual health assessment and goal setting

    • Classes on line and locally

  • Trager® Approach Practitioner, Teacher and Tutor

  • Learn the Trager Approach!

    • Private lessons

    • Group introductory workshops

    • 2 hour to 3 day movement classes

Judy provides the most wonderful healing experience that integrates body and mind. She is highly intuitive in her work, models compassion and gentleness, and reminds me as a caregiver to give myself the compassion that I so easily have for others. The concepts of her work are simple, the outcome is as deep and expansive. Judy wisely guides me as I learn to heal and care for myself. I highly recommend Judy Fasone.
— Nurse Practitioner at OhioHealth


Judy is a board certified-advanced holistic nurse and  Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and a Senior Trager practitioner in private practice since 2000. In all, she has over 30 years of caring for others.

She values and models self care IS health care, and wants to empower others to prevent both illness and facility admissions. She is much healthier herself now, than 10 years ago.

She engages her clients in finding movement that works for them. She helps them reduce their reliance on medications and encourages them to rely more on nutrition to heal and support the body.

Her intention is to create a more peaceful world, relieve pain and reduce tension, correct postural patterns, provide support, and serve as a role model for healing our own bodies.


Judy teaches the language of love through movement and touch.