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Self Care is Health Care

Next Monday, 3/25/19 the Ecuador Adventure begins. We will fly into Quito, have a day to explore, then down to the River basin and the Amazon Reserve for Peace… We have a group of 14 persons going and the last 4 days will be spent at the Galapagos. I will share picture when I return, but know that this trip will be a life changer. Check out these links:



Spring Equinox March 21

Winter was a time of inner reflection for many.  As we move in to spring, we have hints of warmer weather and begin to get outdoors.  The swans in the picture are reflective of our own inner beauty and confidence, and they love the cold!  If we feel good about ourselves, the solitude of winter may refresh and nourish us.  If our thoughts turn toward self doubt, winters can be miserable.  Colds and flu make the situation worse!

According to Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speaks, swans represent awakening the true beauty and power of the self.  Swans live to be 80 years old!  They mate for life and have very sensitive beaks that are use as feelers through the water as they hunt for food sources. The term swan's song came from a Grecian belief that the swan sang its most beautiful song at the end of their life.  for me, this means as I get older, I get better! I live the dream, and am confident and powerful in all that I am.

Setting short and long term goals guide us toward our desires.  Not superficial desires, but human desires of belonging, love, connection, intimacy, and fulfillment.  Self doubt can be a distraction and lead to indulging in short term desires that can be dangerous. Addiction is one way this is expressed.  Self doubt is critical to a healthy self.  We do need to question our choices, our decision, but self doubt out of balance will lead to a blocking of what we really need.

With every negative aspect of life there is a positive.  Appreciate and love the YOU that is creating this life. If you are unhappy, have an honest talk with yourself, and seek what you truly want. That can be difficult.  It takes courage to be honest.  You may need some support from someone you really trust.  

Nurses continue to be rated as the most trusted profession   (See 2018 Gallup poll).  Nurse coaches can make a difference in your life, if you do not have that special someone you trust to change old patterns.  


"Keep Truckin"

What are your hopes and dreams for yourself? Are you where you want to be? Are you on your way? Do you have a clear plan? There are times in life when wandering aimlessly feels wonderful and relaxing! But, If you were on a trip, with a limited time to get there, you would have a map. Well, folks, guess what? Our time is limited on this Earth, and if we have yet to get to that place of peaceful, healthy and happy existence, or whatever your goal is….there is no time like the present!

Setting a goal will give you direction and a feeling of control of your life. How often do you feel that? Goals come in all shapes and sizes. Small everyday goals, by the end of the week goals, annual, 3 and 5 year goals, overall goals; each one builds on the rest, and setting that goal for your personal self development is the creative tension that gets us where we want to go.

If you are a goal-oriented person, you probably are well on your way. Goal setting enhances a peaceful, present life. Freedom comes when we allow our unconscious mind to do the work.. This can be called “Creative Tension”. Like an invisible string, creative tension happens when we set a goal in motion by naming it and giving it our attention. Our mind is a direct link to the mass consciousness and will not waste time, once we get focused. Like a laser light, our intentions find their target and clear the way, illuminating the persons, places and things that will help us get to our goal faster. this light also cuts through barriers that in the past may have been blocking our success. We all have this capability.to use our intention to create our life exactly the way we want it.

In fact, you are already doing it. You have created the life you have! No one else…you did it. This is good news if your are happy and may be hard to hear if you are not. If you are happy with what you created, congratulations and keep up the great work! If not, it may take a bit more effort, knowledge and support to create change. You may not even have a clear idea of what you do want.

If you are not where you want it to be, and you are tired of going it alone…find a supportive friend, share your desire and your dreams for your life, and get started. Don’t feel like you have someone in your corner? Coaches are all about goals! Coaches are teachers and cheerleaders. In addition, group support may be helpful if the old patterns are long and difficult to change. Nurse Coaches are especially helpful if there are health issues, emotional blockages and physical limitations, due to their knowledge of the body/mind as well as the caring behaviors that will add greater illumination to your laser light.

How is your “trip” going? Jerry Garcia in the Grateful Dead song ‘Truckin’ says, “what a long, strange trip it’s been!” Make your trip a great one!

Judith Fasone
Releasing the linchpin

The Trager Approach is gentle, non-invasive and at times subtle, In contrast, the effect of this work is BIG! Life changing, in fact. In a session, you are invited to deeply relax through a series of rocking, sculpting, lengthening and passive range of motion. . At this point a consciousness of the body occurs: “I didn’t even know I was this tense!” “As I relax, I feel pain I didn’t feel before, why is that?”

Postural patterns are created by our most common movements. The shortening of musculature occurs from traumatic emotional and physical events in our lives; or from repetitious movement: factory lines, athletic endeavors, sitting at a computer for long periods of time or playing a musical instrument. During training, much attention is put on the posture, so the entire body is aligned and in use as we move. Having someone observe our movement patterns is necessary as we cannot really observe effectively ourselves. Using mirrors is useful, however. Check your shoulder height the next time you are in the bathroom. This is exactly what a Trager practitioner can do for you. We observe your movement and suggest new ways of moving, overriding the past patterns.

These patterns may cause one muscle to shorten as another lengthens. Being imbalanced, we are easily injured or re injured as is common. Our muscles may shorten to protect us from further injury or pain as we heal. The healing of the injury at the time, may be very fast (the speed of healing slows as we age).. However, the holding patterns may remain if there is an emotional feeling that was not expressed at the time of the event. In a relaxed state, the emotion may be felt and expressed, or if it is very long ago, the memory released. At this point the linchpin lets go, and the body unwinds. Voila! The holding pattern no longer exists. At that time, the compensation pattern may change, and the body will find new ways to move more freely.

This is the linchpin. When this is released, we can move freely again. linchpin. According to Webster, a linchpin is passed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position. Discover and reveal the linchpin and release the holding pattern. The full length of our muscles is needed to engage the full strength and fluidity of movement.

Judith Fasone
Swelling and Edema and the Trager Approach

The Trager Approach is an excellent alternative and complimentary way to relieve painful and immobilizing swelling of the legs. The gentle rocking, elongations, and passive range of motion will move the fluid out of the limbs and back into the circulatory system very quickly.

In the past i worked as a staff nurse in along term care facilities.   I would use Trager on those with any edema in lower legs when doing my treatment rounds after lunch, and remember the relief on my patients faces. Many of these elders had limited ability to move on their own, so swelling was common. The movement that occurs with rocking and joint mobilization was like a cool breeze coming through their legs.  The feeling of circulation returns, healing of cellulitis and a lightening of mood would occur. With some instruction to make fists in their feet, roll their ankles regularly, and pump their calves, they were able to be more comfortable.

Two other cases currently: a 79 year old, female, home health client with cancer has severe swelling in her legs.  Within 20 mins of gently rocking and sculpting both legs, we were able to get on the TED hose (used to help the fluid keep from pooling in the lower limbs while awake) on,  which would have been painful and impossible just before I started.  Such relief is not available with medications.

Another client, 63 yo, male, that comes to eliminate knee pain and wants to forestall or avoid surgery, has lower leg swelling and early signs of cellulitis (redness and inflammation on calf to top of ankle, and sausage-like toes.  Last night, since he had ~for the first time in months~ventured out over the weekend to rake leaves and sweep, had overdone the knee, so I spent a lot of times on the lower legs. There are some scabs on one leg that have been very slow to heal, which is common with swelling, so I used coconut oil when I was done to feed the skin. His ability to walk, feel his ankles and toes, and no knee pain after the session was rewarding for both of us.  

Do not underestimate the power of a soft, warm hand, skilled touch and open heart!!

untreated swollen legs
Food as Medicine Event at the Reiki Center, tell your friends!

Functional Nutrition: Food as Medicine
with Judy Fasone
Four Thursdays: April 11,18,25, May 2, 2019
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Cost: $135

Judy Fasone RN,MSN, AHN-BC, Integrative Nurse Coach, will guide you in Functional Nutrition and using Food as Medicine!

Work with a skilled nurse and health coach to set goals with self-assessments, learn healthy recipes and connect with others in overcoming challenges. There will also be gentle touch and movement breaks as well as centering practices to promote your “inner healer” to arise and assist.

It doesn’t end after 4 weeks: You will have access reduced session with Judy at a reduced cost to continue your journey through the winter months, and possible continuation of the group support online.

Program Highlights:
Guidance to set and meet your personal health goals for better health with a focus on nutrition
Healthy food recipe and sharing each week
Holistic focus: self-assessments will be done each of the 4 weeks to determine priority goals
Handouts and homework will help you stay engaged in your goals and in the group
Social media connection for sharing successes and challenges at any time of day
Group support with a skilled nurse facilitator
Weekly centering practices to promote the “inner healer” to arise and assist.
Gentle touch and movement breaks
Monthly facilitated support group to follow (for graduates) to continue through the winter months.
Contact the Reiki Center to register Functional Nutrition: Food as Medicine
with Judy Fasone


Reiki Center
1540 W. Fifth Ave.,
Columbus, OH 43212

614.486.8323 (Call to register)

Judith Fasone
Pain is a Message

  Our bodies are amazing!  They do not lie.  When we have pain, it is a clear communication. Our body is telling us something is wrong, and we had better pay attention!  Pain is your body yelling at you to change something: NOW.  Aging is not an excuse for pain. I choose to say "I am getting older", rather than "I am old".  The truth of the first statement allows me to then choose what I do with my body that is getting older. How will I move? What movements are comfortable, strengthening?  What shall I eat?  How does my body feel with certain people?  I also have noticed I am much more flexible and stronger than 10,20 or even 30 years ago!  So my physical, mental and emotional Self is improving. Not very many folks can say that at 63. We all know 80,90 and 100 year old people that are out there enjoying life, even running marathons. What are your beliefs on aging?

  Pain may be manifested from physical, emotional or spiritual trauma.  This includes surgeries, abuse, neglect, accidents and other frightening experiences we have in our lives.  Each person's perception of the event at the time plays a role as well, determining the extent in which the trauma is felt or repressed.  We unveil the event when we have the time and safety net to process it. Pain may also keep us from moving. If we ignore it long enough, it degrades our lifestyle, and our bones, creating inflammation that will ruin our organs as well.

   Candace Pert, (2000), wrote a book entitled:Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind. Her research discovered opiate receptor sites (pleasure pathways) on the spinal cord and the brain.  Before her research, scientists thought the receptors were only in the brain cells. Not so, according to Pert.  There are many opiate receptors along the spinal column as well as in the brain, so if we are not moving regularly and with ease, our pleasure diminishes and our bodies stiffen, creating a viscous cycle that is hard to break.

  The physical body shares the secrets of the unconscious mind through movement patterns.  At times, an injury may heal physically, and still continues to be painful, even though everything looks in order according to x-rays, MRI's and physician's exams.   Emotional content that has not been process as well as compensation patterns play a role here. 

  If we did not work through the emotion of a traumatic event, our body automatically postpones the suffering of the heart and diverts the suffering to physical pain. By not feeling the true emotional weight of the event we carry on with our lives, burying the memory of the event. but it does not go away.  In this case, the pain we feel may need to be ferreted out with support.  In my experience of my own suffering and helping others heal, the deeper the hurt and pain, the more support is needed. The earlier the event was in our life, the longer it may take to heal.

Hidden trauma is uncovered when we are in a relaxed state. Dreams often reveal deeper meaning to our lives, if we pay attention to them. There are many pathways to regain full use of your body. Experiencing the deep relaxation of a Trager session will help you sleep more deeply and notice tension patterns earlier.  This approach is one of many complementary and alternative ways to heal.  Working together in the session, you control the direction, pace and content. Set an intention, and we will explore together.

Judith Fasone
Self care for a stressful day: the chelly

Today was a seriously stressful day for a client, I could hear the constriction in the throat as he talked, and felt the tension in the body as his story unfolded regarding what had happened since the last monthly session. Overall tension relief was the request, but it was not until the end of the session that I discovered "the knot".

Working from the extremities toward the center of the body, rhythmically rocking and loosening external and internal structures, the tension began to recede.  Words became less frequent, and a lulling into present experience occurred. This was followed by silence as each limb softened.

As I approached the ribs with gentle compressions, I felt tightness, and  my hands became softer. Going back and forth from ribs to belly, I explored the entire chelly slowly and gradually going deeper as the external muscles softened, and then I found it.  Just below the diaphragm,  under the tightness of the softening abdominal muscle wall was a tight knot.  My fingers became attuned to the edges of the knot and slowly loosened it from the outside, until I could not discern its' shape anymore.

"Chelly" is a term I learned in my Trager training. It is the combination of the belly and the chest~chelly!  the gentle rocking of the chelly allows the internal organs: intestines, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, lungs, heart, and kidneys and core muscles support them, to soften.  The intestines unwind and relax.  The repetitious movements of Trager may put us to sleep.  Milton Trager would say "don't wake the baby!", so the rocking goes on and on and on.  Some estimate the body is rocked over 5000 times in a single session. this rocking motion is the message the body needs to relax and let go.

How does stress knot up the stomach?  If you have ever had a "gut" feeling, you understand the power and sensitivity of this area. Eastern approaches say this is our energy center, and it is wise to develop and store "chi" (energy) on a regular basis.  When our energy is depleted, our resilience to stress decreases and every organ of the body is involved.  When we are stressed, the body tenses to preserve our energy for vital organs, slowly decreasing blood supply and fluids to areas that are not needed to function. The gut tension is a result of this process, and constriction works great for decreasing fluid and flow of energy.

The intestines are one of the largest organs, and are formed at the same time as the skin and brain in a fetus.  The number of cells involved in these three areas are astounding, and the innervation of them even more so.  With all that ability to pick up and send signals, it is no wonder we can feel a knot in our belly when stress is overpowering us. Relaxation is key.

"I never thought Trager would help my belly!".  He left feeling much more relaxed, the tight knot in his belly gone, and a smile on his face. For 90 minutes he was able to forget what was on his mind.

Letting go of stress in the body is not separate from the stress of the mind. The mindbody is one.  there are many ways to relax, but few as pleasurable as this approach.  As a nurse coach and Trager Practitioner, I am here to help you let go of whatever is not needed any longer in your life, your body or your words will reveal what is needed and when.  You can feel as relaxed as the lazy cat on the couch below!  


Miltonio and Giuseppe
Judith Fasone
Supple or stone-like body?

There is something to be said for a strong body, but are you also able to relax and be resilient to stress?  This summer is my 3rd year rowing, and each year I am amazed at the changes in my physique, endurance and improved health: body and mnd! I feel younger every year!

I spend time both strengthening and relaxing through simple contemplative time as I sit on my patio and enjoy the trees in the breeze, swimming, rowing, being in nature and eating less and less often,  and my world is shifting  I am appreciating the ebb and flow of change.  Resiliency is gained by self care activities, when I can completely let go of the schedule and find new ways to be creative as we live my busy life.

How do you cope with stress?  Food, drink, friends  or do you exercise?  There are many ways to cope, and the sooner we notice we are stressed the better! First we must learn to recognize the early signs of stress in our body.  Once we recognize and become aware of our particular signals that we are stressed, we can change it. 

For examples, my own personal signals: I may become aware of a constriction in my throat, and my voice becomes strained.  I can easily intervene at this point, if I catch it, and reverse the stress with a few deep breaths and self reflection.. For higher levels of stress, I may find myself bumping into or dropping things, moving too quickly and cussing under my breath.  If I am aware of these things and I can take action at this point, either with physical exercise, or a talk with someone, I may be able to interrupt and relieve my stress.  Beyond this, long term stress may cause me to withdraw from others, become ill, and not be motivated to take care of myself.  Finally, my body got my attention, and I am alone, in bed, feeling bed...at rest!  Our bodies try to get our attention do not lie! What are your own personal signals?

We have a miraculous autonomic nervous system that handles stress for us...up to a point.  Short-term stress is modified by the hormone cortisol.  When longer periods of stress occur, the high levels of cortisol cause inflammation.

I am a nurse coach who helps you crease what you desire, learn to use food as energy for healing and utilize the Trager approach for deep relaxation to mitigate the stress response.  Your body can be supple, flexible and more fluid with only one 30 minute session. With regular sessions, you will heal from unconscious holding patters that may be keeping you from your soft supple body and the ability to manifest your dreams.

Love your body! Self care is health care!

Judith Fasone
Moving Medicine

The word "Medicine", is a word that has weight.  The definition is three fold: the science and practice of diagnostics, treating and preventing disease; a substance used for treatment. Indigenous persons thought medicine was a spell, charm or fetish believed to have healing or protective power.  The original word has Latin origins:  "medicus" and meant physician.

Today we know medicine to be prescribed, over the counter,  preventive, integrative, laughter, food and self care. The words in this short list could all be termed as "good medicine" for us. The term is unlimited depending on our interpretation and personal healing experiences.  There is current research to support all of these approaches to healing.  The truth is, we need a variety of modalities to live well and stay well today.

I am using the term "Moving Medicine" for a series of workshops I developed.  I use the term to describe how engaging in movement consciously can have a healing effect.  This is the essence of many current approaches to health.  Eastern disciplines have long known regular movement practices were needed for healing.  In India, the Ayurvedic system of medicine includes Yoga.  Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes the use of ChiGong for health

Moving Medicine is also title of a book you may want to read. It is a biography of Dr. Milton Trager, M.D. , by Jack Lisken.  TThe book reveals the personal, inner process of Milton Trager as he overcame his own  physical and mental limitations.  The introductory workshop classes I created will help you overcome your own.  Being attentive to our bodies as we move reveals holding patterns and this causes wasted energy as well as chronic pain.  Each workshop is designed to create freedom and lightness in the body, and the mind. After all, there is no separation!

What is your best medicine? What has worked best for me over the past 40 years is a combination of many things at different times.  I do not take prescribed medicine, I do not need it. I would if I thought it would help, but currently I am much healthier than I have ever been.  That is saying a lot as I age gracefully. 

Coaching Conversations

Calling all Nurse Coaches! COACHING CONVERSATIONS is a new 4 week series is starting in April. The series in intended for Nurse Coaches who are integrating their new coaching skills into their current practice or who are starting a new coaching business. This online phone series will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:15 Eastern Standard Time. I will set up a free conference call and all you need to do is dial in! It has never been easier to find the support we need from our peers. Contact Judyfasone@gmail.com by March 15th to sign up for the April series. Together we will help you help others! Trager Class

New Research on Stress
Public Release: 

A tough day could erase the perks of choosing 'good' fat sources, study finds

Stress affects how the body processes different kinds of fat

Ohio State University

Happy Interdependence Day~Take the Pledge

In America, we celebrate our independence on July 4th, but  I am wondering how healthy this independence really is?  I am very independent, and I am able to exist on my own, without a doubt. However, learning to live in relationship to others is my biggest challenge! Keep reading, there is a new way to think about this... Professionally, as a nurse, I am confident as a leader, a teacher, and confidant.  I practice independently in clinical settings and as a nursing instructor.

As a friend I am all those things as well except I interact more on an equal plane. This trait~equality ~is an interdependent skill.  The relationship is ~ mutual~  giving and receiving.

In my family roles (grandmother,mother, sister, aunt) the roles are murky, as all of us are testing the boundary waters of emotionality, striving for independence yet wanting to stay connected with respect to our differences. Love is the healing and soothing bond that unites us.  We consciously commit to be connected.

As spouse, the emotional watery world of commitment tests these boundaries even further.

So personally, the idea of interdependence is challenging.

Let's admit it, we need others. We have blinders on, and cannot see all sides of a situation when creating change in the world.  We also need others to celebrate with , to grieve and to play.  Being independent is important, but INTERDEPENDENCE gives us autonomy with others.  Wake  up America!



 Declaration of Interdependence

We, the people of Planet Earth, in recognition of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of the balance of nature; hereby acknowledge our interdependence on all that is and affirm our dedication to life-serving environmental stewardship, the fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide, economic and social well-being, and a culture of peace and compassion; to ensure a sustainable and harmonious world for present and future generations.

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and the Land on which I stand. Many nations, many names for GOD, interdependently, with liberty, justice and abundance for all.

(JF 2006)



Love is a healing balm

Better than any ointment, love soothes and heals.  It must come from within, not from others, or from our pets, although that is nice. Loving ourselves is as easy as taking a good look in the mirror and saying out loud "I love MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAyou! No, I really mean it! I love you!  Don't turn away, stay there and listen to me: I love YOU!  You are all I hoped for and more than I could have imagined at this point!  You are awesome! You are beautiful!"

Not so easy though, is it? Our inner voice is often focused on criticism, not celebration.  Perhaps we rely on others to help us feel good about ourselves.  Serving others is commonly a way to feel good about ourselves.

Without a full cup of love, this continual giving to others leaves us depleted. Burnout leads to frustration, anger, depression and chronic illness.

Self care is necessary. Have a heart to heart talk with yourself and be kind not critical.

Love heals all wounds.


Winter is for Resting!

In Ohio, it's time to put bulbs in the ground for spring color.   Symbolically, these bulbs hold their life force deep within, and must be planted at a depth that is 3 times their size for optimum results.  This morning I finished a new bed of daffodils, tulips, allium, hyacinths (grape and standard size).  I put chicken wire on top so the squirrels will not have a feast, and about 4-6 inches of dirt and leaves.  I tamped them down by walking over them.  With each bulb, I encouraged them to burrow down deep and added blessing for all that live near by who will enjoy their beauty. Winter is a time of rest, and bulbs that bloomed last spring are using the downtime to store up nutrients for the spring bloom.  How much time do we take for ourselves in the winter?  My thanksgiving was willed with gratitude for the abundance in my life. Gratitude raises endorphins and enkephalins, increasing serotonin and  norepinephrine. These nuerotransmitters help us feel calm and peaceful as we settle in for our long winter's nap.  Turkey and milk are naturally loaded with tryptophan, which helps us feel sleepy , and are often used as  sleep aids.


The shortest day will soon be upon us on the Winter Solstice around December 21st. It is a sacred time: the sun will return, and the days will be longer soon. It is the reason we bring in the green and light our homes, to counter the darkness and long winter nights.  The darkness is conducive to sleeping and is a less active time of year.  Feed yourself lots of root vegetables and soups or stews.  Since we are not moving as much, we might want to consider eating less to avoid the extra pounds that often accompany the special, traditional foods we love to share.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America



InspirationJudith Fasone
Trager Trio of events

I have scheduled 3 TragerIntroductory Workshops January 10 and 11 in Warren Ohio, March 1st at the All Life Center  and May 2 at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine ( 2015). Self Care is Health Care! Trager is easily integrated into any professional discipline. It helps me communicate through words, movement and touch. Novices and professionals welcome.



UncategorizedJudith Fasone
Hot fun in the summertime...


Fresh Summer Veggies


If you have not logged on to my website lately, take a look and let me know how you like it.   I have moved in the direction of coaching and counseling, and you know the Trager Approach will always be a part of the session! I trust you are well and happy. I would love to hear from you!

Happy summer! Judy

Dr. Andrew Weil promotes Trager® Approach for Sciatic Pain

http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00473/Trager-Approach-Dr-Weils-Wellness-Therapies.htm The Trager Approach provides profound relief for many problems that occur with our bodies.  Dr. Weil recommends it as a tool for rehabilitation, especially after sports injuries or neurological events. He has also seen it work for people with back and leg problems such as sciatica as well as for people with breathing issues like asthma and emphysema.

My own recent episode with sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and legs began when I returned from a walking tour of Ireland last summer.  I went with 3 good friends, and we walked The Beara Way (beautiful Ireland pictures here) for a little over a week.  I did not have problems during that time period, and everyday I was stronger. We walked anywhere from 6-12 miles a day, going village to village and slept in B&B's at night.  Call me and I will be happy to share!

Irelandjudy-024The problems started for me when I tried to sit on the plane for 8 hours coming home.  I could not sit for more that 2 hours without the pain worsening and forcing me out of my seat, and looking back I can say that after being so loose, the sitting was not a good idea!  This continued for about 4 months, and I did all I could to keep moving During that time I had a help from friends including Rolfing trades, Yoga classes, Tui' Na, Massage and Trager exchanges. By January I was determined to resolve it.

I started a routine of gentle movements, Trager style, (the self-care kind I am teaching in this workshop series) for an hour in the morning a couple times a week, followed by a sitting meditation.   I had lost my ability to sit upright on the floor without pain.  I was surprised how quickly I lost my flexibility!  My body had been compensating for the pain by my muscles shortening in response.  No one would have noticed this if they were not trained to see it.  I was still working, taking walks etc...but my sitting posture told the story.  I used props to support my knees, and sat for 5 minutes at a time, each session adding minutes.  Using my breath, I expanded the length of my spine little by little, and after a few months of this, I improved.  I contue to sit regularly on the floor, and move with ever more expanded range and depth.  A regular practice is the key, and soon will be outside more, swimming, biking and backpacking to strengthen further.

015One of the amazing things about body work is that everytime I go through a healing process, I am nore equipped to help others with the same issue.  First it was year of learning about my shoulders that I had hurt in a diving accident. Then I had to reolve my neck issues~ "I am not my mothers's neck ! " . Then old ankle injuries, and a new injury that occured, and on and on.  Interestingly, as these things resolve, clients come with the same issues, and my repertoire helps me to know just what to suggest for others.

Read what Dr. Weil has to say, then let's have a talk!

I have 2 more Free Trager Intros after today.  A simple email will register you for April 26 or May 10 class.  Have fun! Judy

Free Trager Class #2 this Sat 4/12

Email me if you are interested in learning about the Trager Approach and it's deeply relaxing effects. This free series is focused on relationships...and the most important one is the one you have with yourself! Self care techniques for living pain free and with greater flexibility will be the result at the end of this workshop. Come alone or with a partner. 10-5 Sat Apr 12. Bring a table if you have one...we split the day between working solo and working in pairs at the table to learn how to help each other be well. For more info, scroll down 2 blogs and see the flyer for the class.  Call by Thurs so I can arrange for tables please.

Trager Class