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I love the word and the movement of our lives is like a dance...2 steps forward, one back, or like a 2 step, or swing,  or maybe you like a little salsa?  How spicy do you want it to be? Come to BIODANCE~my new 8 week group coaching experience in February, in Grandview and find out what it feels like to be truly supported seen and loved by a group of peers who all want the same thing...change for the better...Kaizen!

Go to my facebook link to read more or to the Bodiesbydesign page on classes on my site. Call me for more info!

Let's make 2013 the best year ever...free of pain, worry and start living the way we want to!


Nurtrition(tm): Aging Gracefully

I woke up this morning tired and  inspired by my hike at Cantwell Cliffs yesterday in Hocking Hills. A bit of a challenge because of all the ancient trees that has been strewn across the paths. In my search to find the old trail, I found myself scaling down the side of a dry waterfall, and through some stinging nettles. The power of the wind was magnificent to see and another saving grace was a small waterfall that I could soak in  to take the sting out of my legs. cape-cod-berkshires-2012-018

I wonder about my own bodies aging process. I feel more flexible and alive than I did 15 years ago. All my attempts to improve are working...better nutritive content by increasing raw foods in my diet, regular exercise in the form of swimming daily and interspersed meditative practices, the ability to have family and community interactions that are healthy...the list continues.  Happiness now comes more naturally.  My body is happy, I am happy!  Keeping this trend going is the challenge.  What about the aging process?  Here is some info from the web:

"America has a rapidly aging population... In absolute numbers, there are now about 12 million over the age of 80; a doubling since 1957. Older people run the full gamut from the very healthy, to those with a few health issues, to those with multiple problems to the very frail. Frail individuals have a high risk for poor outcomes of any illness, slower recovery and heightened mortality. So the agenda, of course, is to stay as healthy as possible throughout your later years."           

Stephen Schimpff,  M.D., Integrative Medicine Specialist.

What can I  do to prevent illness? I think in terms of how I spend my time...doing things I love to do, and being with people and activities that make me happiest.  Work that feeds me financially and spiritually.  This is the way I nurture myself.  The answer is that I can do a lot to age gracefully in order to fully live!  It is never too late to get started. The sooner the better!

Watch for more information on Nurtrition(tm) and aging gracefully on my website.  If you need a boost getting started, as an Integrative Nurse Coach, I would be happy to help you develop a Nurtrition(tm) plan for you to age gracefully, at any age.

borborygmus bor-buh-RIG-mus

DEFINITION FROM MERRIAM WEBSTER:    intestinal rumbling caused by moving gas                               

      I signed up for this daily word smith from Merrian Webster, and today's word reminded me of some of the best Trager® sessions I have given and received.  The gurgling sounds in our bellies denote the deepest relaxation response. Out intestines lengthen out to about 25 ft. of coiled material, and the stress of life can  pack these coils further in, creating twists, turns and constipation or loose runny discharges. Both can be serious consequences, or simply aggravating symptoms and conditions that annoy us such as gas or bloating.
     During a Trager session, the gentle rocking that occurs throughout the session unwinds us. Literally, the gut lets go at a very deep level, clear down to our intestinal wall, and borborygmus is the result.  In the silence of the session, a deep satisfaction of knowing we are letting go comes with this sound from our gut. (The release of gas usually does not  accompany this, it is more like the hunger sounds we hear.)
     It is important for our health to have a relaxed gut.   I will be happy to show you how to get this feeling for yourself. If you have chronic problems in this area, learn to relax with Trager.
Go to this website to learn more:     http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/picture-of-the-intestines
Transition Story

I am a LPN and a RN student, and Judy Fasone was my preceptor for my community nursing clinical last week. I spent the day with her visiting various places in the Columbus community, asking questions, and learning as much as I could about working as a independent home health provider, and the different types of paper work. She was very helpful, and I shared with her what I knew from my little bit of researching. Something that I shared with Judy early on, was how my Grandma Windfeldt  knew she was dying of cancer in 2003. So I went out to visit her and my grandmother walked me around showing me that she had put labels on every thing containing names of family members. She did this to prepare ahead. She also took my wife and I to her family doctor, to learn about her cancer, and to let us know she was ok with knowing she was going to die. My grandmother did not take chemo, instead she took some CAM to help with pain, and was able to walk around the block almost every day up until about two weeks before she died. cape cod berkshires 2012 014 My Grandma Windfeldt, also had one thing she told me that I hope never to forget and will pass along.. She said " a little bit of kindness goes a long way".

Kurt Windfeldt, LPN (American Institute of Alternative Medicine RN Program student)

Thanks Kurt for this story. I wonder how many of us consciously move toward our death?

How does one prepare for this life transition? Many choose not to be conscious about it, never discussing their wishes with their family.  Kurt's family was included in his grandmothers ending.  Is it time to talk to your family about their or your inevitable passing?  What are your plans?

Quieting the mind

Still waters are the deepest, and the surface is constantly moving. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  Often I notice my surface has been shaken by events, and feel out of control or at least out of touch with my deeper feelings.   My reactions vary, but generally I withdraw.  Without intention, others are affected.  I feel the need to go inward, it is an unconscious need...to the safer place within me to figure out what happened before I respond.

I find that body awareness helps me to return to the present, and then my ability to express my feelings about difficult situations occurs.  The vulnerability passes in time, and I can say what I need to say without blaming, judging or expecting something from someone else.

I am learning to close the gap between my offended self and my open self.   There is always more to understand about a situation, and staying open to that understanding is a challenge at times.  It may depend on how emotionally attached I am to an outcome, or to my own sense of value.

I am fortunate to have good friends to allow me the space and time to figure things out, and return to an intact relationship, a deeper friendship. I also have ways to build and rebuild confidence in myself when things fall apart.  Hiking for a day in the woods for example.  Placing one foot in front of another...this I can do!  Swimming also..one stroke, another, another, another. This I can do!

As my body strengthens, so does my mind, so does my relationship with myself, and others.

Phoenix Rising

Along with the beauty and energy of an early spring, are my mixed feelings about the global changes in the weather patterns I read about.   With predicted temperatures in the 90's for this end of May weekend in Ohio,  it is at times difficult for me not to be concerned about the planet, and about the people on the planet.  What can I do to change my own footprint?  How does being lighter, freer and easier in my body/mind help? In a  National Geographic Magazine issued in January 2011, I recently read an article about the Pheonix Islands in the Central Pacific returning to health after an increase of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit destroyed coral reefs to an extent never seen before.  Ten years later, the fish are returning. Even with a temperature rise of that magnitude, regeneration returns as we choose to let go of destructive patterns.  Thanks to the work of one scientist, Gregory S. Stone.   In this case, the fishing industry was stopped by providing monetary support to the local government to replace the lost income.  Luckily, there are organizations that raise funds for this purpose, like Conservation International and their Global Conservation Fund to the tune of 25 million dollar endowment.

On one hand, I feel my sensitivity to current issues increasing because I let go of old patterns.  I have little interest in the past.  Being aware of all the issues of the day creates more discomfort at first.   Utilizing Mentastics®, and the Trager® Approach on a daily basis, for myself , I make room for what is needed now.  I drop into my feelings, and release them with movement.   Am I more conscious of what is happening around me, so that I feel the responsibility of some kind of action...? ?  Yes, I want to do my part, but I am not sure how to be helpful.

Pausing, I wait for that impulse to act.   Just as in waiting for the impulse to move when I am waking up in the morning. Part of me wants to rest more, the comfort of the bed, the warmth of the sheets, the softness of the pillow.    Hmmm... to stay in that cocoon a little longer.  But my body/mind/spirit wants movement!  Get up, get going! So much to do to be today, for myself, for others.  The impulse to move takes over and I slowly rise like the Phoenix Islands out of the ashes, reborn into today, into this moment, new growth occurring all around me.

Being lighter, freer and easier in my mind allows me to be present.  I am aware of all the changes happening around me...I age, the Earth heats up.  And also, I have a relationship, family, flowers and vegetables to nurture, Trager  clients to assist, home care clients to watch over and advocate for.   A body of water to protect that I live near.  I have energy for all these things as I rise to the day.

I am ready to respond, I will do what I can, when the need is near.


Personal Boundaries and Self Care

When is enough, enough?  When is too much, too much? In terms of doing for others, I mean... closewalkHow do we feel when we set no limits of time and energy with family members, with friends.  We want to be helpful but at what cost to ourselves? How does it feel to change that pattern and begin more self care?

I like to think of my body as a primary boundary.  The bones that are my structure, the muscles that covers the bones and move me, my ribcage and skull that protect my vital organs are all physical boundaries I can see and feel. When something is wrong in my body, pressure, tension or pain, I have the ability to respond, or the response ability to change into a more comfortable state.

An equally important boundary is my field of energy that surrounds me. Some call this the "aura". Whatever you call it, we notice when someone gets to close that we do not know well, and pull away, or if someone we love is too distant, we pull them in.  A vibrational field of molecules that are activated by our moods, our emotions.  The auric boundary is harder to discern, but once it is discovered, it can be helpful to access subtle changes around us.  We could say our intuitive nature lives out here.  With practice, we could avoid many harmful substances, situations and relationships that just are not healthy for us.

An a counselor told me many years ago, "even an amoeba knows how to stay away from a harmful substance!"

When I fill my time with pleasurable experiences, really noticing my body sensation and taking care to breathe when I feel the urge to react...I can respond.

Feeling stiff? Stretch gently.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Deep breathe for a few minutes.

Feeling tired in the middle of the day? A brisk walk or a 20 minute power nap.

Whatever it takes...there is nothing more important than that you feel good today!

Join me  July 20-22, 2012 for a 3- day Trager® Mentastics® Movement Class. You will learn how to improve your boundaries, connect with yourself and others and feel greater ease and peace within.  The Trager approach is a gentle, effective and life changing process.  We will move together, to discover a new, freer sense of self through Trager.





IMG_86151I wonder..... If we continue to hold back our feelings, not say what needs to be said...

If we do this long enough, enough years, decades...hiding out

From ourselves , and others...

What is the toll?

Is this the cause of dementia? Creating our own safe world inside, where no one can reach us?

Is this learned or genetic? Is this the cause of disease? Dis-ease, the absence of ease or vibrant health?

I wonder.....what causes so much fear that we hide from other, and turn inward to the safety of our self...it is not even important to know what it is, just find a way to let it go, and let ease in.

Gentle Touch and Awareness with the Trager® Approach creates safety in our outer world. It creates an opening, a supportive space to release and take in pleasurable experiences and new feelings.  Increased range is not just in the mobility of the body, the range of an arm or hip...it is directly connected to the range of our ability to express ourselves through our life experiences.


Mountain Hiking

judy-in-campWeekend with friends in the highlands of Virginia...long drive to get there but well worth it! I didn't think I was up for a 14 mile hike, but we did it, and another on Saturday for 10 miles! Amazing what the energy of a group can do for me. To take care of blistering feet, lots of tape, and moleskin...at home self care includes soaks and cooling lotions. Lots of gentle touch surrounding the areas. Biking instead of walking for a few days.

What a treasure the foothills of the smokies are!!

There are lots of trails in Ohio...a good reason to get moving!

PS This photo was from 6 years ago in the Eastern PA region.

Rainy Day Indoors...

Need to keep moving, even though it's gray and wet  out? familysicily-and-videos-of-Jim-073Put on music and:

  • sway away to the rhythm, helps with balance!
  • twist and shout to your favorite song!
  • runba, salsa, mambo with your favorite latin groove and
  • shimmy shake until you tingle!

Even if you are in a chair, movement is possible!

Or go on out anyway, with a raincoat and umbrella...the Native People used to live outside year round! A little rain won't hurt ya...smell the fragrance of wet ground...moist, verdant and GREEN!


What does green smell like?


Take a pause and feel the effect...increased circulation, relaxation and peace!

Pain Be Gone!

IMG_8634No matter what your age, you are too young to be living with constant pain. Do you have acute or chronic pain? Read on, to see what Dr. Basbaum of USC says: Our own pain is hard to assess. Close your eyes, and experience your pain. Find a way to describe it. Where is it, give it a number between 1-10. What does it feel like? Does it move? Is it worse at different times of the day? Is it constant, tor does it come and go? Do you have any success in lessening the pain with positioning? How well do you know your pain?  Touch the pain, send your breath into it, allow it to expand. What makes it better? Worse?    Let it know you are going to listen and respond to it.

Pain is important information. We do not want to shut it down day after day. We need to listen to it. What must you change to reduce your pain and suffering? A behavior, and food choice, an unhealthy relationship? Behaviors are difficult to change, but not impossible to change. Medication may help temporarily, but not without cost. You may need some support, and new ideas or outlooks.

If your pain does not cause any emotional input, then we can say that this is discomfort rather than pain. When we are anxious, crying in pain, suffering or constantly talking and focused on our discomfort, then we can be sure pain is present. Pain medications mask the pain. It can be beneficial as the source is realized. Staying on pain medications for a long periods of time can cause side effects of constipation, apathy, loss of motivation, slowed respiration and lack of energy as well as depression.

Stay tuned for Part 2

Dr. Allan Basbaum, USC Dept of Anatomy


Every year, and even every day we are offered a fresh start...when we wake up, millions of our cells have been regenerated, and even the cells in our cornea have been replaced totally in 24 hours. We can see with new eyes literally every day! What does this mean for you? For me, it means, I can trust in the process of regeneration. Not just on the cellular level, but on all levels. This allows me to feel supported in taking more risks, follow my heart with more conviction, and trust my needs will be provided for.

I do have certain responsibilities to be successful: Give back with free and discounted sessions where needed; give time and energy to others that do not have as much as I do; take care of whatever is in my path, whether it is a piece of trash that needs picking up, or consoling a stranger; being more conscious of our precious resources, staying open hearted in the midst of chaos. I do not have to go out of my way to be helpful...if it is in my path, I respond...I am responsible for what lies in front of me only. I understand the bigger work needs to be done in collaboration with others....

Holistic Health includes the spiritual aspects of our life. How do you feed your spirit?

If you want to rely less on the Health Care System, take less medication and feel better, assess every aspect of your life, set goals that are manageable, let go of what is not working (pain? bad relationship? dietary changes needed?) and spend your energy on what makes your heart sing! This is the way to health and longevity.

Setting Goals

Have a goal that has not been met? Join the club! As an integrative health coach, I am helping my clients achieve goals that have not yet been realized. One client has lost 36 pounds since October, and now feels better than she has in 10 years! What is the secret to setting goals and intentions and actually seeing them come to fruition? From my experience, the number one goal killer is that the goals are simply too big. It is fine to have large visions and goals, in fact, necessary to dream big to create the tension of change. But the steps we take to get there must be manageable. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is much easier than saying I want to lose 25 pounds by summer.

So if you want to lose 1-2 pounds a week, what is one thing you are willing to give up and one thing you are willing to add? For example, I had a client say she would give up eating her daily dark chocolate, and another say she would add a Zumba class once a week.

These are doable goals, and with weekly support of your friends or a coach, they are bound to move you toward the larger vision.

Clearing Congestion

This is a great recipe for clearing mucous...I put all this in my teapot,and plan to eat what is left after I drink all the tea..it is really good, but it made me hungry...I think the radishes stimulate both appetite and nose blowing. Chop all: one half pear, orange rind, 5 radishes, 2" thumb size ginger

Pour hot boiling water over all and sip after seeping at least 10 mins! Awesome..it makes a beautiful pinkish slightly thicker tea..no honey needed...honey actually is mucous building, so use it when you have a dry irritating cough. Lots of coughing follows, and my nose cleared up...temporarily at least. It will be nap time soon.

up...all in teapot add boiling water, steep and drink

Thanks to Steven Rendina for this natural home remedy! You can ask him more about this as he is the "Fine Tune Your Recovery" man ...

Stay warm and happy watching the snow fly!

Urge to Push

Trager Class In childbirth, there is a point when the baby is ready to come, and women have the "urge to push".   While having a Trager session from a colleague the other day, I noticed the subtle tendency in my wrist...an old pattern of wanting to help or resist...a certain pushing motion that was just under the conscious level. It was not even noticeable to the practitioner, it was that subtle. But I recognized it.

The awareness of this subtle tension made me think of the years of "striving" to get things done...to do more than to simply "be". This pattern is so deeply ingrained in me.  I notice this and let it go. My tingling hands and fingers have improved.   Unraveling the holding patterns at this level, more potential will be released.

There is a fine line between allowing something to be and making something happen.  It is an openness, rather than a tension. It is the pause between the in and out breath. A subtle, yet necessary pause needs to occur.

Practicing the art of letting go is what Dr. Trager offered us. In our movement practice, we pay attention to the weight, the swing, the rhythm... and the holding on melts. Having a daily practice takes diligence.

According to Webster: You're more likely to be diligent about something if you love doing it. The etymology of "diligent" reflects the fact that affection can lead to energetic effort. The word, which entered English in the 14th century by way of Anglo-French, descends from the Latin verb "diligere," meaning "to value or esteem highly" or "to love." Of course, you don’t need to care for the task at hand in order to be diligent, but it certainly does help!

Creating the feeling of affection and energy towards our self care is a great addition to our health care choices. A daily Mentastics Movement practice of letting go will increase this feeling, and allow movement through unconscious holding patters. Once this occurs, freedom to be fully present is ours.

Simply Living~ Sharing my experience

Before I moved here from Richwood, Ohio in 1999, I reached out to the Simply Living Intentional Community. With the example of so many experienced leaders in Simply Living, I inched out of my comfort zone and learned to speak up and out about external systems that no longer work. An example of this is the way our elders are leaving this planet. It is sad to see so many dying in hospitals and nursing homes. Often it’s the care givers who become the family. I envision a returning to the family as we age, and that death will become a beautiful, welcomed ritual of letting go. I’m now in a circle of peers who I can really relate to, and who want to slow down to the speed of the human heart beat. THe annual fundraiser for SL is coming up on October 26th. Please go to the Simplyliving.org website for details. Each year, in exchange for learning about this great organization, we are served an organic, local, fresh, lunch~ free of charge~, and hear stories of SL members. Truly inspiring! This year, AlternativesPlus will be featured...please attend, and we will see you there!

I am grateful to Simply Living for helping me to relate to the world and all that’s in it, in a deeply intimate and personal way.

Integrative Nurse Coaching: I am the change!

"Judy is a nurse entrepeneur, having started her own home health care company.  She integrates complementary therapies into the work she has been doing with me.  Judy is a certified Trager practitioner.  If you have never had a Trager session, do youself a favor and sign up asap.  Trager is this very gentle body work that involves rocking the body parts in such a way that your body gois into perfect alignment.  Trager also teaches mentastics, which is a type of body movement that brings us back to how good we felt in our bodies as babies.  I credit her with getting me off narcotic pain medication.  Judy is also doing health coaching with me.  It is a structured way to get clients to identify problems and then set realistic goals to overcome the problems.  We were trained to do something similar in nursing, but her tools and techniques take it to the next level and really get the client involved in setting their own goals.  " MG, Nurse Practitioner, Client

Thanks Molly for this great commendation. I am happy you are doing so well and want to help me share the benefits of Trager.

IMG_8616I am particularly interested in helping our Nursing Community become as healthy as they wish to be. Nursing is challenging to say the least. For as many benefits we have, there are twice as many stressors. Or at least it feels that way!  As an Integrative Nurse Coach, I feel empowered to help all my clients to improve their lives in the direction they want to grow.  I would love to work intentionally with nurses to help them integrate alternative approaches into their nursing practice.  Nurses, please care for yourselves as well as you take care of others.  This is the way the health care system will improve tremendously!  I feel we are on the verge of major shifts in our Health Care Industry, and I am ready for these changes! I am a part of the change! I am the change.


Benifits of Oxygen

Oxygen Therapy is offered by some Holistic Nurse Practitioners and Physicians in the area. Even Oxygen bars are available to up your O2 levels. Here are a few facts and benefits: Deep breathing allows the body to take in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. This leads to many health benefits: a lowering of blood pressure, slowing of heart rate, and relaxation of the muscles. It calms the mind, helping to reduce insomnia. An increase of energy and reduction of fatigue with reduced anxiety and stress are desired effects as well.

The Trager Approach improves circulation by gently rocking the body approximately 5000 times in a session. Your cells are simply loosened, so that circulation improves. If your circulation has improved, healing at the cellular level increases. Pain is also lessened, because O2 has healing capacities at the cellular level.

Could pain be a result of a lack of oxygen to the tissue! It certainly plays a part!

Breathing to a waltz timing  can be mesmerizing, and will relax you instantly.  Try it: One breath in, 2 breaths out. Simply count: Inhale 1, Exhale 1-2. Inhale 1, Exhale 1-2, Inhale 1, Exhale 1-2.................................let me know the effect!

Increasing your activity levels does the same thing. Walking daily, swimming, running...whatever you do, you are increasing your breath and oxygen. Get moving, and enjoy it!  J

Settled in at Last

If you read the last blog, we were on the move...and we did!  To celebrate all that hard , Steve and I just took a well earned break!  I spent 4 days on my own at a nurses' training in Greenwich Village, NYC. It was great to walk around the neighborhood where Dylan, Baez, and others made their debut...The food was fantastic, the flair was often outragious and delightful, and the NEWS...NY passed the bill that allows Gay Marriages...the week before the Gay Pride parade last Sunday.  You can imagine the celebration that started before we left.  Steve went directly to visit family on the Cape... I attended the first of a 3 part series on Integral Health Coaching put together by Nurses,  for Nurses.  Even though I already do coaching with my Trager practice, I will be adding this more formally to my repertoire, and helping those that desire change, with new ways to approach it.

Watch my website for some preliminary information regarding this new endeavor, and please let me know if you are interested. Until January, I will be working with 5 clients for free, as part of my practice and preparation for certification.   If you know someone with a serious desire to be healthier; or if you are tired of wanting to lose weight, lowering your blood pressure, or your Blood Sugar numbers...we know how to be healthy, why isn't it working?  Let me practice with you, and we will both benefit.  I will be weaving the Trager Approach into this, so that will be part of the session...just not the main focus.

After all that I was able to have some R&R at the Cape, and playing in the waves is highly recommended to break those old nagging patterns!  I hope you can experience that soon!  If you cannot get away, come for a Trager session and swim in the Quarry...that will hold you for a time...

Pass it on! Judy


Ready for Change?

I am moving! From Clintonville, to West 5th Ave, to a beautiful condo setting overlooking the quarry and Scioto River. Many of you will appreciate a larger space for our sessions. I know I will! I appreciate those of you who may have to travel a bit farther, and I will keep you posted on the exact date. Change can be stressful, but it also can be a relief! Looking forward to the new space, I actually enjoy packing and sorting through things, and creating yet another pile to give away. While growing up, our family moved 8 times in 12 years. Moving 2 adults in a small apartment is nothing compared to moving a family of 6! The stressful part that comes in dealing with the decision making; reading legalese, and realty communications (...details...details) in a Condo purchase is over. Yippee!

I wonder about my lovely, outdoor cats and their ability to adapt to a new location; there will be an adjustment period for all of us. We will have less traffic, a spacious living room, separate rooms to practice Trager and Tui'na , a great view over the Scioto River Corridor, a clean lake to swim in. The positives have greatly outweighed any negatives. That is how change occurs! If it is the best for everyone, it is time to do it!

So let's have fun! Let's celebrate! Steve and I are playing 2 hours of Italian Music this Sat, April 16th from 2-4 at Whole Foods on Lane Ave. You can find us in the cheese dept! Maybe we will see you there!

Ciao for now, Judy